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Mar 10, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
tomtom 300, start25
Hi there
I just bought a tomtom start25 and Im trying to find how to.
1. find what version of map is installed on it?
2. how to update the map safely as i found out some people ran in to problems when they tried to update to the latest versions.
many thanks to you in advance
gus :confused:


Welcome to TTF.

Settings-->Me and My Device-->About my Device

That should show you the map version

That model requires MyTomTom (get it at and you are eligible to get the latest map within 30 days of first use.

So, install the MyTomTom, connect your unit to the computer and register your unit with an email address in the screen that shows up in your browser. You should be offered (under new items) the latest (885) map. Select it and download.

A few tips:
  1. If you are also offered an application update, select ONLY that first and install it and then go back and get the map
  2. In your desktop MyTomTom icon that will show up when you install MyTomTom, make sure under settings-->cache-->that it is checked to cache large items
  3. Try to avoid IE9 as a browser or run it in xp compatible mode.
Hi dhn
Thank you for your speedy answer , I went on setting but couldnt find me and my device
on it or about my device.Im not going to attempt to up date the map yet as im going to use the tomtom on a trip soon and dont want any thing to go wrong with it before that , i understand alot of people had problems updating the map.In your 3rd tip you asked to avoid ie9 i dont know what is that and said not to run it in xp mode I have xp windows on my PC please explane that to me.
many thanks
Well, there should be something there with a similar wording.

I meant Internet Explorer 9. But if you have xp on your computer, then don't worry about it, you don't have IE9.
I went on setting but couldnt find me and my device
on it or about my device.

When you tap "Settings" on the menu, you should get to the first of SEVERAL settings screens. Use the arrows on the left and right of the screen to move between them (stupidly, the screens are not numbered, but there is a little gauge at the bottom of the screen to give you an idea of what page you are on).

"Me and my device" should be on the last one of those screens. If you can't see it, please tell us what icons you DO see there.

In your 3rd tip you asked to avoid ie9 i dont know what is that and said not to run it in xp mode I have xp windows on my PC please explane that to me.

That was in just case you had Windows 7 on your computer.
A lot of older programs don't work on WIndows 7, but it does have an 'XP compatibility mode' that sometimes gets them running. Internet Explorer 9 is only available for Windows 7 as far as I know (but I don't use Internet Explorer at all).
Hi there
thanks so much for both of you who took the time to answer my questions.
I fond the version of map on (tomtom information ) the last page on settings
the map v865 app 10.156 dont know if that is the latest map available or it needs update.
and i have to apologies for the wrong information i given about my operating system on my PC in fact i have window 7 not window xp but i use google to get on the net not window explorer and i have acces to my sons PC who has vesta on it ,please let me know if the updating of the map is straight forward im a bit scard to go ahead from what i read about the updating in this link


Don't confuse Windows Explorer, the operating system's file manager with Internet Explorer, the web browser.

No, the latest map is 885, so yours is one year old.

And your application has now been updated to 11.031

See my first post, especially the point that if both an application and map is offered, ONLY get the application first. Once installed, then restart the unit, reconnect to the computer and get the map, if offered.

But you do need to begin by downloading MyTomTom from
many thanks

Hi there
Just updated my tomtom many many thanks for your help
I have 885v map and app 11.031 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
please keep up the great work that you do its priceless
for alot of people.
till the next time
thank you gentlemen
My gosh, no...... thanks. I keep forgetting the newer models get 90 days for the LMG.

Spend some time here and find other dumb things I've posted. :(


At least you didn't tell someone with a Go x30 to check his LIVE Services account, like I did last week. :doh:


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