TomTom Rider 2 with cracked housing

Apr 13, 2007
Never dropped, never abused. Just mounted with RAM mount (which was included in original package) to my bike. Assuming that the retaining latch for the door had too much play and allowed vibrations to be transferred to the housing. End result - housing cracked on both sides of the access door and allowed for water to enter the device.

TomTom service refuses to repair the unit claiming that they don't have spare parts and no repair facility. I spent close to $ 1,000 for the setup (Rider 2, US and Europe maps, 2 mounts, extra head-set) and TomTom expects me to trash the unit. :mad:

With all the problems I had with my other 2 TomToms I am done with this company - never experienced such a bad customer service. Luckily, there are alternatives out there.



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