TomTom MyDrive VeryBroken

May 6, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 5000
Just updated to MyDrive and was looking forward to being able to send my destination from my Mac straight to my Tomtom GO 5000. That bit works. The problem is it won't now let me go anywhere else. Not even home!

If you change the destination on the TomTom, a short while (like 30 seconds later), the TomTom sometime says it has received a new destination and overwrites your current journey. On other occasions it doesn't say anything and sends you around in circles instead.

What the f is going on here? Why didn't I get a response when I tried reporting this by email nearly two days ago?

My TomTom is currently less use than a brick. At least the brick doesn't try and get me lost.
I've heard a few odd comments about this elsewhere. For the time being, rather than sending any desintations to your TomTom with 'SEND TO DEVICE', I'd add destinations as "Favorites" ('ADD TO MY PLACES') and delete them when you're done if you don't have any future need for them.

As for email ... on the whole, we recommend phone contact with Customer Support. The Royal Mail is quicker than their email most of the time.
Thanks, that's exactly what I ended up doing.

I did try phoning, but there was a minimum of a 40 minute delay :-( Probably due to everyone calling because they're lost!

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