TomTom MyDrive Updates

May 27, 2016
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 5100
I have a TomTom GO 5100.

I have logged into MyDrive and read the help section on checking and updating versions of TomTom Mydrive Connect.

When I open and log into MyDrive connect I do not see the Settings Icon illustrated in the Help Section but clicking on the Union Jack in the top right corner opens Settings.

Clicking on the "About" tab I see that I have MyDrive Connect Version, but it does not advise me as to if this is the latest version or not. The Help Section states that I should be informed if it is the latest version and if there is a newer version.

Can anyone advise me if the MyDrive Connect Version is the latest version, and if this version will inform me via my "About" tab when newer versions are available?
Yes I have a Mac. Good to know that I have the latest version. I assume MyDrive Connect will advise me when new versions are available?
Yes, if it's working as it should, there will be. Watch at the very top of the MyDrive screen for any update notifications.

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