tomtom mydrive updating "forever"

Jan 23, 2008
Updating my via 1501. The process stops at 99% and continues the message "Do not disconnect your device".

When it's done this in the past, I've just left it running and left the house to tend to other business. When I've gotten home it has finished, and operates normally.

Today, I have only household activities so I've been watching the gps screen saying "Updating for about an hour now, while the MyDrive screen tells me that I can open another tab to continue browsing. I can do that, but the interminable 99% stoppage is strange and a little annoying and seems to happen whenever I update the 1501.

It just seems weird and "not quite right"

OH!! the 1501 screen just changed to "Done" and "...can be safely disconnected."

Only took about an hour at the 99% stage. Still seems weird!

my via does a similar thing

when it does finally finish , I feel good , all is good

then a message the next day requesting me to update

I then let it wait until I get sick of the message and then the Tom out of the car and away we go again

Have a new VIA 1505 - works fine, but updates take a few hours usually. Virtually same as described at the top.
This does not make much sense and I would love to hear if this is unique to the model or an overall problem. Did not have this with my basic model ''One'' - which of course was configured differently from the start - it had accessible memory.
Any ideas out there as to why and how to remedy it? Many thanks.
It is unfortunately a situation that does take place with models like that. You can try changing the default port to 5000 or 5001 and see if that helps. Or try a different browser.
I have a Go 40 that i bought last year to replace my old Tom Tom - the old one updated via TomTom Home, and i never experienced any issues - successfully updated in minutes every time. Since having to use My Drive to update, i have only achieved one successful update in 6 months. It always freezes at varying points in the installing to device stage.I once got to 69%, but I eventually get a message on the device to say update interrupted, return to my drive. This time I've only achieved 8%.
I think on the road its a great piece of kit, but I am so frustrated at being unable to update it.
Can anyone help?
Might you have an anti-virus or firewall impeding proper transmission to/from TomTom's servers? Also, can you try a different browser?

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