TOMTOM GO 50 will not format memory card

Nov 17, 2023
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GO 50
My GO 50 has a new ExFat formatted micro SD card that will not format in the device. I did format it on my Mac using ExFat and it still will not let me re-format it. My Drive connect V. does not see the card either. However when I do a soft reset on the device and continue to hold the button down, the device info page appears and it does see the 32GB MicroSD card. I could only install the minimum map content and only have 41MB left on internal memory, go figure, any thought? Thank You! Device info below:

S/N: VI3134G02675 (0)
Application version: 22.100.0002.311 (0) (11/14/2022)
Installed Map Version: ‘USA Canada without buildings’ v1120.12104 (released 10/2023)
You'll want to use the older FAT32 format rather than ExFAT.
Yeah that was my first attempt until TOMTOM said use ExFat if on a Mac, I can however do both on my Mac, I'll try again but not too hopeful..
Reset your device by pressing the power button until you hear the battery sound and the device restarts and insert the memory card when card mode is displayed.
Your device then asks you if you want to format the memory card.
Select Yes.
Worked.. in a round about way. I did have to delete the limited map from internal memory and then install the full map on the SD card, but I'm up and running, Thank You!

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