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Aug 29, 2023
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Hi Everyone. As a newbie can anyone confirm my problem, please? In January this year I bought an Exclusive but unfortunately it would not connect to my iPhone no matter what I tried, so I returned it and 4 weeks ago thinking this problem would now be solved purchased another, again the same problem so I have returned it again but this is what I find disturbing. TomTom Customer relations inform me that they have stopped the Hands free calls facility on ALL NEW TOMTOMS. Question can anyone verify this please as I have saved the e-mail direct from tomtom in Holland and I find it hard to believe. If this is the case then as a vehicle delivery driver I will have to change to another product as hands free is a necessity for me. Thanks.

You can connect your iPhone via Bluetooth to get live services.
As the customer service agent said, there is no longer a hands-free option on newer devices.
If you want the hands-free option, search the web
list of GPS which have this function Go Professional 520, Go Professional 620, Go 520, Go 620, Go 5200, Go 6200.
Thank You everyone for your help and replies, unfortunately I am not allowed to connect my mobile or any Bluetooth accessory to any vehicle that I deliver so I need hands free. Unfortunately, the easy option is going to have to be Garmin as for the last 12 years at least I have always relied on TomTom. I have tried the TomTom Mobile app for £20 annually through my iPhone but the speech for directions is unintelligible on a lot directions. Therefore, because I like a good quality Sat Nav I shall have to move on. Once again thank you all for your advice.
Have a look at their DriveSmart series. The downside to Garmin is their traffic coverage vs. TomTom. Garmin covers only larger metro areas in NA with their NAVTEQ product. TomTom blows them away everywhere else.
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I believe that their European traffic is still all RDS or HD radio based. If you've grown accustomed to TT traffic, caveat emptor.

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