TomTom Announces End of Support for Some Older Devices

Shoe finally dropped. What I find totally strange is the specific list of models that will not be supported with new maps.

For example, they are dropping support of the GO 730, but not the GO 720? Both have the same SD slots to overcome memory issues, but SD is limited in size.
They are dropping support of the GO 540 but not the GO 340? These have equivalent internal memory and neither have HD or uSD slots, so how can one be supported and not the other?

I suspect that the published list is going to need to be modified to reflect reality.
I was told yesterday that this applies to all NAV2 and older devices.

If anyone has an active subscription, updates will be supplied until the end of the term.
New subscriptions for maps, traffic, etc. will no longer be sold.
What should I do now? My Go510 in future will not do what its supposed to do and will not be fit for purpose as purchased. Purchased from Currys on 20/9/16- notice regarding further updates received on 13/12/16.
I have Lifetime updates but they will not accept any responsibility.
Call support to clarify:
United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Thanks for your advice. I have called the number and asked the gentleman about my device.
He asked me and I gave him the serial number upon which he informed me that my TomTom Go510 was listed by mistake and it will continue to be updated.
He questioned why Currys could not have made this call to them to clarify the matter.
Thanks again.
No, your unit was not listed by mistake. Tech support is in error.
You've used two different threads to address this issue, and I typically am unwilling to respond to both, but in this case...

TomTom produced a unit called the GO 510 back in 2006. Unfortunately, they have (ill advisedly) chosen to RE-USE the model number on a much more recent model. Your 'new' GO 510 from Curry's is two generations beyond the old model, and is not at risk. The bozo at tech support is probably new enough at his job that he is unaware of the previous use of the model number.
Thanks for the info which is good to know. I was beginning to think it was over 10 years old and could have been obsolete before I left the shop.
Will this GO 510 have a memory card to allow all future upgrades?
Yes. Up to a 32 gb card but I think 16 gb is a good size. SanDisk is a good choice for brand.
Excuse the hijack but this is relevant.

So I have a ONE 3rd Edition (I know, it's really old but it works). I understand the reasoning for dropping the support. I don't update very often but last week I tried and was notified that my Home program had to be updated or the world would end.

Being an obedient citizen I did the update and now not only do I have a unit that will not be updated but I have lost the ability to "Operate my One " which is the only reason I connect to my computer.

I guess it's time to look around at the competition.
I received an interesting email from TomTom about my XXL540TM being at the "end of the road" and I should by new map for it. It's an offer to buy a new map for $15.00 so I guess Its going EOL. Anyone else seen this?
Still waiting for any email related to my production 720 and 740 units.
I have still to wait to see what is actually happening.
With this irrational update letter and the HOME showing 41 days left on the subscription and having an active Renew button I now tend to believe that you two were right and that the Tech telling me last November that all NAV2 devices will no be updated any longer may have been incorrect.
I hadn't seen any more info from TOMTOM on this EOL issue. Yesterday I updated the unit, XXL540TM and lo and behold I was offered the latest US zoned map 1000.8674. No charge as I would expect. Not sure what is going on with EOL on this unit now.​
Getting back to thetut's post, the update removes functionality, if the devices are no longer supported, why did they have to disable existing functionality?? Was it to disable or cripple your current device and software so that you'll want to buy a new one? This is down right criminal.

I have no problem with them ending support, but to disable current functionality via a mandatory update -- that's plain wrong!

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