March 3rd 2011 - Tomtom announces map 865 for app 10.x devices


Dec 19, 2008
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Some reports are starting to come in that map 865 is being offered for GO1xxx / GO2xxx owners in certain parts of the world.

However, others are saying they are not getting updates.

When Tomtom released the app 10.110 application update, it appeared that they released it over a few weeks in stages, with the oldest owners getting it first, and additional people getting it over time.

It's possible that Tomtom has started the same rolling updates process on maps as well.
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It's possible that Tomtom has started the same rolling updates process on maps as well.
Perhaps that first attempt at a map update attempt has caused them to be a little more circumspect about releasing anything new for the 10.XXX units. No point in causing problems across the entire population if you can avoid it.

Any additional rumors out there that say how well this new map update is going for those who are receiving it? I haven't seen any complaints so far.
An Aussie reported for his 1005 unit:

Finally after more than four additional hours, the maps have installed properly.
And, closer to Home.............

From a Canuck 30 minutes ago:

I just connect my 2505 to the network and its pulling down new map for Canada/Usa... sounds like they re now coming down....
I got the 865 update, as well, for my Sony XNV TomTom module. Just showed up this morning, works like a champ. Was 2.2gB to download, took about an hour to install.


Tomtom has made an official announcement:

Starting today, TomTom is rolling-out the release of a new map update on MyTomTom enabling customers to benefit from the Latest Map Guarantee (LMG).

All current users* of the TomTom Via and TomTom GO 1000/24/25xx series will benefit from the latest map available for free (version 8.65).

To check if the update is available for your device, please see this FAQ:

More features will become available soon.

*All current users of TomTom Via and TomTom GO 1000/24/25xx series are eligible to get the new map - without timing restriction - through MyTomTom
They attached link says that the release is in stages by the first two letters of the serial number, although it will eventually roll out to all devices. The FAQ will be updated as each serial number is rolled out.

(I have edited the title and made this a sticky)
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I purchased a Tomtom 2405 TM last week based on CNET reviews and the feature set vs similar priced Garmins. It was until after I purchased it that I came to these forums to see the various issues.

I started to get post-purchase remorse...

...good to get the map update today - let's hope it works!
Successfully updated!

Cleared cache on My TomTom and then update appeared. Took 35 minutes to download and then 65 minutes to transfer to my 2505.
Got a 2505TM for the wife and was a little dismayed at first to see that the maps weren't up to date. Today, I got the pleasant surprise of the new others have said...took some time to download and install. Took it out for a spin and was blown away. Much better than my XXL540TM. I especially like the bluetooth calling and I've noticed that the routing is more precise now. Good job to TomTom!!
My go 2405 updated without a hitch. in fact it was very impressive how smooth it went:D just a note: the TTS on the 865 map is a lot better. my unit before pronounce BELOIT KS like BELWAH KS now it says it properly:D


There are some reports starting of VIA 120 map failures. TomTom is supposedly aware and advised one owner to wait another week to before updating to avoid getting the "no maps found" error.
No Maps Found!

Hi all,

Just got the TomTom VIA 120 Live and installed the latest map. This is now showing 'No Maps Found!' when I turn it on! After trying to call the support line only to find it shut on weekends, I stumbled on this thread - sounds like the same problem.

Does anyone know a way to get around this? As it's all done through MyTomTom so doesn't actually mount it as a drive, I can't delete the old map to force a re-install. Also when I connect to MyTomTom it says it's all up to date!

Any help / ideas much appreciated!
Try the following:

If not connecting or stops.

Empty cache.
Close My TomTom.
CTRL ALT DELETE open task manager and select MyTomTomSA and end process.
Press and hold power button on device until it restarts and you hear the drums.
Restart My TomTom.
Thanks for the quick response. Tried this with no joy.

It's not the syncing with the computer that's the issues - it's once it's synced it thinks that the maps are installed and up to date but the device is saying 'No Maps Found!'. I somehow need to force it to reinstall the map.

Thanks again
Not much satisfaction but TT is aware of the problem with this situation happening.

Try calling Customer Support. you may have to return your unit.

UK support: 0845 161 0009


That is bad news. Customer support is shut until Monday and only had the device a few days - not the best start!

Thanks again for your help.
Can you return it to the place of purchase? I believe you can say it's not fit for the purpose intended (think the phrase is something like that...)

Also, do you have the latest firmware installed on the unit? Are you offered an application?

You did try to clear the cache?
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Yep - can do. There's definitely some issue with the device.

Unfortunately purchased it online so will take a few days to get a replacement - was hoping there would be a quick fix to save some hassle and time!


Yeah, sorry did try clearing the cache and as far as I can tell it's running the latest firmware - either way I can't see a way to update the firmware as it's running through MyTomTom which is reporting as 'No Updates Available'.

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