tomtom and ipod playlist

May 5, 2009
im pretty sure this has worked before but it isnt now. i want to upload the playlists that i made from itunes to my tomtom and be able to play them when i click the playlist button but all that comes up when i press that is ipod user control and a bunch of files and random songs. please help me!
Here's what I did, because the TomTom needs the files to be MP3s. From iTunes, I burned a CD with all the songs and books I wanted on my TomTom as a regular CD (AIFF files). Then I reimported these files back into iTunes as MP3s. Now go to the location where the files are stored by iTunes, and drag them into your MP3 folder on the TomTom.

One small note, if you use a Mac, the Mac will generate both the files, and file names which start with a dot. The dot files will not play, just the regular files.

Hope this is helpful.
please clarify

ok so i take the songs that i want and burn them on a cd then do i put the cd into my cd player in my car and go from there or do i reimport like u said back into my computer? sorry but i need a step by step explanation
OK, I'll take a stab at step by step. No, I do not mean to play the CD in your car. Yes, you can do that, but then the songs are not being played through your TomTom. The advantage of playing music through the TomTom is that when road instructions come, the TT will pause the song, make the road instruction, then continue with your song.

The TomTom wants the files in MP3 format.

1) In iTunes, convert any songs, spoken books, whatever you want to listen to, into MP3s. In iTunes, use the "Advanced Tab" to "Convert to MP3 version." If this option is grayed out, make sure you have selected songs in your list first. If you have selected songs, maybe iTunes cannot make an MP3 version if the song is protected. In that case, see below.
2) Put each of these into a new Playlist.
2) Attach the TomTom to your computer. When it asks to connect to "Computer" say "Yes"
3) Find the folder on your TomTom that's called "MP3" and drag your songs into this folder.

In iTunes, your MP3s will be in a folder within /Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/
(I don't know exactly what on a PC, I use a Mac.)

If you still cannot find your songs, highlight a song and click on "Get Info" - at the lower portion of the info, it will say exactly where your song is stored on your machine.

On the TomTom, the MP3 folder is named "mp3" (lower case).

If the above is confusing, you can make a folder in iTunes of stuff you want on your TomTom, drag all your MP3s into that folder, and burn a CD of MP3s, then drag those files onto your TomTom.

What I was talking about earlier are the files that have protection. You cannot make an MP3 out of them because iTunes won't let you.

Here's how to get around that limitation:

1) Put all the songs and books you want into a folder in iTunes, then burn a CD as an Audio CD of this song mix. When you click on "Burn Disc" you will be asked what sort of disk you want. Choose AIFF. (Note, you do not need to do this if the songs are already unprotected MP3s. This is just for songs which have copy protection that won't let you convert them to MP3s, or MP3s that won't let you play them on your TomTom due to copy protection.)
2) Now you have a CD with songs in AIFF format.
3) Import these songs from the CD back into iTunes as MP3s. These MP3s will now be able to play on your TomTom (see directions above for getting them onto your TomTom.)

Does that help clarify the steps needed?

ok but i dont want to take my tom tom out...what i did was plug my ipod into my laptop and created the playlist and then synced the ipod then plugged the ipod into the usb port i have in my car and i was able to pull up playlists and play the one i wanted but i cant do that anymore and i dont know why. i dont know if its because i got a new ipod? im sorry if im troubling you because i dont think i have the cord to plug my tomtom into my laptop
How do you update your TomTom? It sounds like you have it mounted in your car? Which TomTom do you have?
I think in that case you can remove the SD Card, make an "mp3" folder on it, dump your MP3s onto the card, and return the card to the device.
So, has anyone succeeded in putting a playlist on their TomTom (Not just the mp3's)?

There is a Playlist function in the Jukebox & docs mention that they can be added, but there's no explanation of how to do it.

The above discussions seem to detail how to load the songs, but what about the lists?


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