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Jun 18, 2012
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TomTom GO 720
I tried to patch my Tom Tom GO 720 with xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx but, the server was always down so after completing the steps I could not do an update. I tried using xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx D/L from this site and, I guess the version is not compatible with my Tom Tom so, I get a message on start up that says: The Navcore installed is not compatible with my GPS. I would appreciate it if anyone could explain to me how I might going out about resetting the GPS and installing the latest maps and OS for my Tom Tom. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx
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You'll find this at the top of every one of our sections here:
Announcement: Illegal File Sharing Sites Forbidden

The way to reset your TomTom is to delete all of the loose files from the root (NO folders, just files) of your 720 and allow Home2, via TomTom's server, to reload legitimate software, then go buy a map if you don't have the one that belongs to your unit. They're all keyed by serial number. If your map was legitimate, you'll be back up and running with 9.430 code eventually.

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