Tom Tom 930 Go Stops playing music

Feb 21, 2011
I can play music through my speakers in the car but then the music just stops and locks up. I tried turning it off and on but it refuses to play. I can skip to a new tune and then it stops again. Also noted that it stops seeing my mobile phone as well. Any idea what could be causing the problem. Everything elso works OK.
PIN reset should fix this problem. My device has had this problem for about a year, and I contacted and pressed TomTom Support on it. Here is what I found:

-They have no way to logically troubleshoot this issue - no logging, no diagnostics, nothing.

-They are adamant that the problem is due to my SD card being too large, even though I reproduced it with a 1GB SD card with 3 songs on it.

-They RMA'd my device after the updates and resets they insisted I go though caused it to stop working. The new one immediately started having the same issue.

-Apparently they logged a bugreport (which they wouldn't give me) with their developers/product managers, and the response I got when following up is basically "They can't be bothered to fix it". From TomTom Support:

TomTom is the world's leading provider of location and navigation solutions that focuses on car navigation. As our maps become larger and more complex and involves more of the internal drives of our devices, it becomes necessary to update our software applications to accommodate these map complexities. Unfortunately, these software updates may change the familiar look and operation of our older devices. There may be some operations that will be removed altogether. As we move forward, our focus will be on navigation solutions and less on peripheral operations of the devices. TomTom provides a Limited Warranty for each TomTom product. Warranty states the hardware will be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal intended use for a period of one (1) year from the date the device was purchased by the original owner.

Our suggestion at this time regarding ‘the media player starts playing, but stops after a few seconds’, would be to remove the SD card in your device and update the device without the card. Back up any files you have on your SD card, and format the card (TomTom recommends an SD card no larger than 2GB). For best results, reload the SD card using an auxiliary SD card reader. Ensure that the files on the SD card are in the proper mp3 format.

As far as the issue goes, that feedback is coming from the Product Managers. At this time, there really isn't much that I can do for you. While the device can be used for several different issues, Navigation is our main concern and will continue to be.

As far as what you are using the device for, we really do not support further than the audio being used for Voices and for MP3's/Audio Books. The device is not made for the configurations that you are trying to use this for.

For that last quote, all I was trying to do was get MP3s playing without running into this issue. Granted they were normally fairly large (200MB), but even normal playlist files would eventually run into this bug. I thought the bug might be due to frequent on/off of the 930T while music was still active on the player, but they didn't have any way to get data to investigate.

I was able to telnet into my 930T using Bluetooth and see the active processes, but the media player runs inside of busybox, so I couldn't see what was happening, and the default logging in the Linux OS didn't give me any information on what the problem was.

By all means, please contact them and raise this issue and ask for a fix, as I find this unacceptable, but apparently their product managers don't give a crap that you bought a device that does more than basic map usage.

Conveniently, my 930T now freezes up and resets itself when it runs into this problem, so I don't have to get the pen out of my glovebox to reset it when it runs into this problem. Progress? :)
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