Text Messaging - SMS Crap

Nov 17, 2007
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
New TT User
Phone: HTC s630

The one big thing that bothers me is that I cannot use SMS ( i have everything else). I realize my phone is not supported but my question is: is this a TT thing or a phone thing, a windows mobile thing? Does anyone know of any hacks/fixes to get it working?

The TT support is horrific and it seems to me that TT is Europe focused. Don't they realize the opportunity they are missing over here? I may take mine back and get the Garmin.

I'm very frustrated.


It is a phone compatibility issue.
There are no firmwire fixes or tweaks that I am aware of.

My older phone had this capability but no long with my Hermes 8525 :(


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