Motorola RAZR V3xx AT&T Text Messaging

Apr 12, 2008
  1. I am using a TomTom 920 along with the Motorola RAZR V3xx with AT&T as my service.
  2. I do not have the 3G package on the phone :(
  3. However, I am able to receive text messageing :eek: but cannot send text messages :(
  4. I also cannot connect to TomTom services :( (probably because I do not have the 3G package)
So the questions are:
  1. How can I send messages from TomTom?
  2. Is there a way to obtain TomTom services without requiring the 3G package?
Thanks in advance to any assistance.
Any data plan that allows tethering is just fine. The data plan doesn't "have" to be 3G. You may just need a special configuration for your phone/service. Call them up and ask them for the configuration script to allow tethering.

And as far as the texting, same thing happens with me with every phone I have tried (none are on the tomtom supported list though)
I cannot tether the phone, that functionality has been inhibited. Any ohter suggestions on how to receive TomTom services using the Motorola RAZR V3xx and AT&T without tethering. We can tether as a dail up modem.
You contradict yourself. You say tethering is disabled but then you say you can tether as a dial up modem. Which is it?
I'm not contradicting myself, I said I could dial-up tether.

To clarify, tethering can be done using the dial-up modem part (e.g. using the phone as a dial-up modem at a really slow speed where the telephone part is disabled (meaning I cannot make a telephone call while using dial-up tethering; thus the clarification in the original posting that tethering is via dial-up not 3G).

3G networking and 3G tethering is contractually disabled. BTW, when you tether using 3G, you can use the telephone part; meaning you can tether AND use the phone at the same time, while dial-up you cannot use the phone and modem at the same time.

I am a newbie to cell phones, sorry that I don't know how to better clarify the difference between dial-up modem and 3G.

So back to the original question, does anyone know how to set up the Motorola RAZR V3xx using dial-up to access TomTom Services?
Am I reading correctly that you don't have a data package included in your AT&T service? If that's the case, there's no way to access TomTom services. AT&T won't allow you to use a data connection unless you're paying for it, unfortunately.
First, check with AT&T that you have the proper data plan to permit Bluetooth DUN (Dial-up-networking). I think with AT&T you have to buy MediaNet, I'm not sure though.

Without getting into too much detail, 3G is a connection between the phone and AT&T, and Bluetooth DUN works on 3G or 2G. 3G is faster, and like you said permits simultaneous voice/data connections.

With my provider, t-mobile, if you don't buy the web2go data plan, both the 3G data and the Bluetooth DUN data connections are disabled. I suspect AT&T does the same.

After you confirm that your data plan supports Bluetooth DUN, go to this thread to find settings applicable to AT&T.
i had the ra v3 and now the raza v9 throught att The lowest plan available was $39 My phone automatically had the 3G network You can buy an unlimited data package for $15 extra or you can use data as to go / I remember that when I first got my phone it did not show 3g. Then I turned it totally off and on again the the 3G network in New York showed up automatically Their was no extra purchase to use this network. I guess its up to the person that sets you up when you buy the phone that is important. Anyway, never in 3 yrs had any problem with tom tom and the use of this network. just some information for you. Good luck

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