go 920t text messages not working on galaxy s2

Oct 13, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
go 920t
I have a galaxy s2 and it cant get text messages sent to go 920t. I use to be able to with an older phone but this device wont allow. Everything is all grey'd out. My phone book sync'd but no texts. Also I am on Sprint and cant get wireless to work either. That is probably a Sprint restriction I am guessing.

Any advice would be great.
I'm afraid the TomTom is not Galaxy S2 compatible for anything except hands-free and phone book transfer.

See the TomTom compatibility table here:

TomTom were terrible at keeping up with new phones, so less and less were fully compatible and finally they gave up and ditched the whole idea of connecting to a mobile phone.

Ironically, their new "bring your own connection" models use a mobile phone's data connection to get Traffic and the other Live services, but still no hands-free or text messages.

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