Speed camera alerts

'Yes', if you use a third-party speed camera database, 'no' if you use TomTom's own.

In the UK, the best data by far is from PocketGPSWorld, it's far more accurate than TomTom's offering.

You can either install it and set your own distances, and then use it together with the TomTom one if that's a good enough solution for you.

Or you can install the PGPSW database twice and set up different warning distances for each version.
I tried doing that and it just overwrote the old pocket GPS speed cameras. Should I rename them before I copy them to my sim card or somthing?
Yes or no. :)

The way you do a normal update of the database is by simply overwriting the files with the new versions that have the same names. So if you want to install another copy of the database you would need to change the names of all the files (quite time consuming unless you know how to run a good old-fashioned batch file to do it).

But a way that many people use is to install the two different versions of the database. i.e one copy of the full "speed-zoned" set of files and another copy of the "consolidated by type" version (or even the "single file" version, but that would need converting from one of the other formats)

Those have different file names so they won't interfere with each other.

You'll have to have a play with them to see which you prefer to alert first.... i.e. speed-zoned before consolidated, or the other way round.

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