Speed Camera Alerts not showing correct speed

Jan 1, 2010
Hitchin, Herts, England
TomTom Model(s)
Tomtom GO 950
I have a Tomtom 950 with live services and speed camera alerts. Trouble is the alerts aren't showing up the correct speed. For example if the speed camera is set at 30mph the alert will show 19mph, 40mph is shown at 25mph and 50mph is shown at 31mph, is this what it's supposed to do?
Connect the device to your PC and let it check for updates, it needs to download and install Navcore 9,026 which fixes the Safety Camera speed display error, sadly it doesn't do anything for the inaccuracy of the safety camera locations supplied with the device - Mike
I also have the problem of the incorrect speeds on a 750 live,

I have connected to the update site several times but it will not find the navcore file...

Any ideas?
What version of software is currently installed on your device? Status and Information/ Version Information - Mike
Thanks for your help, I uploaded new maps yesterday and its still the same, displaying 19, 43 etc

I hope you can see the info you re the following copy and paste..

I have connected again and it still will not find the update u named.


Profile folder = C:\Users\Andy\AppData\Roaming\TomTom\HOME\Profiles\ngca2d4b.default
Installation folder = C:\Program Files\TomTom HOME 2
Plugins folder = C:\Program Files\TomTom HOME 2\xul\plugins
Data folder = C:\Users\Andy\Documents\TomTom\HOME
Version =
Language = en-GB
User name = (e-mail address removed)
Login status = User is logged in
Server = https://home.tomtom.com/redir/
Connection settings = Direct connection to the Internet (default)
Installed add-ons = Map status indicator 1.7, TomTom HOME default theme 1.0.2
Name = GO LIVE
Device Code = AKTAQCSDRE
Serial number = W33489H05497
Capabilities = ASR ASRCnC ArrivalSounds Bluetooth CarSymbol Caymann Documents Durham ExtraSounds FrequentDestinations GPRSEngine HDTraffic Handsfree Hercules HerculesTraffic HidRemote HomeBackup InternalFlash InternalModem Itinerary Leeway LinkVolumeToNoise LiveServices MapOverlays MapShare Microphone Newyork NotAutomotiveEmbedded OnDevicePayments Oxford PermanentMapCfg PhoneFeatures PhotoBMPViewer PhotoJPGViewer PhotoViewer PlusDownloadDynamic PlusDownloadGeneral PlusDownloadMap PlusDownloadPOI PlusDownloadRingTone PlusDownloadScheme PlusDownloadUpgrade PlusDownloadVoice PlusEphemeris PlusFixedSafetyCameras PlusForceMessageNotification PlusFuelPrices PlusMessageNotification PlusMobileSafetyCameras PlusOrRDSTMCTraffic PlusPushChannel PlusRoadConditions PlusTraffic PlusTripReporting PlusWeather RDSTMC RichPOI Ringtone SMSSupported SmsReceivedSound StartupImage SupportGetAMap SuspendImage TTS TTSCompressed TTSLoquendo700 TrackMe Traffic UserSkin VoiceBrowser WarningSounds screensize=480x272
Storage devices = Internal Memory (G:) - Active
Installed Items = program/Navigator 9.022, phonedb/connect2internet 15, startupscreen/splashw 1, suspendscreen/antitheftw 1, carsymbol/-default 1, carsymbol/Arrow Yellow 1, carsymbol/BlueCar 1, carsymbol/ClassCar 1, carsymbol/FamilyCar 1, carsymbol/FinnedCar 1, carsymbol/GreyCar 1, carsymbol/Oldtimer 1, carsymbol/RaceCar 1, carsymbol/RedCar 1, carsymbol/SportsCabrio 1, carsymbol/SportsCar 1, carsymbol/SUV 1, carsymbol/YellowCar 1, carsymbol/Astra_Hatch 1, loquendovoice/English (UK) - Kate 700, loquendovoice/English (UK) - Simon 700, loquendovoice/English (US) - Susan 700, satimage/eux 4, warningsound/airplane 1, warningsound/beep1 1, warningsound/beep2 1, warningsound/beep3 1, warningsound/beep4 1, warningsound/beep5 1, warningsound/bell1 1, warningsound/bell2 1, warningsound/bell3 1, warningsound/boing 1, warningsound/bugle 1, warningsound/camera 1, warningsound/cow 1, warningsound/cuckoo 1, warningsound/flash 1, warningsound/horn 1, warningsound/notify1 1, warningsound/notify2 1, warningsound/notify3 1, warningsound/polite1 1, warningsound/polite2 1, warningsound/polite3 1, warningsound/restaurant 1, warningsound/ringtone 1, zipcode/GreatbritainPostal_TeleAtlas 840, ephemeris/Ephemeris 1289159442, voice/10_Year_Old_Jane 1, voice/AnitaNic 6, voice/AnnaUK 1, voice/ATC 1, voice/English(UK) - Yosemite Sam UK Yards 1, voice/English(UK) - KITT - UK Yards 1, map/United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland 855.2884, poi/mobile safety cameras 0, poi/Every_Uk_Football_Club 1, poi/FuelStationsEU 900002, 11002 1288800000, safetycamera/Safety_Cam_UK_Premium 7638
Error incident IDs =
* Computer info:

Operating system: Windows NT 6.0 (build 6000)
Free memory: 1020452864 bytes
User home directory: "C:\Users\Andy\Documents\"
Home volume space: 89649 / 226588 MB
Temporary directory: "C:\Users\Andy\AppData\Local\Temp\"
Temp volume space: 89649 / 226588 MB
Install directory: "C:\Program Files\TomTom HOME 2\xulrunner\"
Install volume space: 89649 / 226588 MB
External volume devices: G: [INTERNAL] 558 / 978 MB
OS login name: "USER ID"
Host name: "Andy-laptop"
Date and time: 2010-11-03 18:57:36

* HOME info:

DLL Version:
MapShare DLL Version:
Language: en-GB

* Connected device: "TomTom GO LIVE"

Type: "go750_1024_t_weu"
Serial: "W33489H05497"

MapShare information:
Patch format version: 2.4
Map patch downloads: true
POI patch downloads: false
Feedback email address:
Patches to upload: 0
POI Subscriptions:

ttgo.bif file contents:
DeviceName=TomTom GO LIVE
DeviceVersionHW=GO 550 LIVE
UserLanguage=English UK
[email protected]
LastConnectionPhone="Apple Inc.", iPhone2,1
GPSFirmwareVersion=2.15.0 65947
CurrentVoiceInfo=KITT (UK Yards)
CurrentHomeLocation= Swindon

tthome.bif file contents:
[email protected]

Mobility.sim file contents:
Model=FA 00.01.06_EU
IL #1: 'Internal Memory' 558 free/978 total MB Block Size 4096 Media Name 'InternalMemory' serial $4a96767d, Writable
This has got to be KPH/ MPH related as the speeds you are seeing are 1,6 times less than they should (1,6 being the conversion factor used between MPH/ KPH)

I cannot see anything wrong with the device set up from what you have provided in the ttgo.bif contents although I would start by resetting the device, press and hold the power on/ off switch until the device re-starts with a drum roll it takes around 20 seconds, see if this clears the issue - Mike

I rebooted the device as you suggested but it is still the same, I tried a 40mph camera and the tomtom showed 25

Tomtom have been next to useless, they replied to my query, but started to tell me about warning distances etc.

Help gratefully received before I lose patience and return it to Halfords
This one has got me beat, for some reason the device seems to be offering warnings related to a KPH speed while in the UK, langauge is UK, country of use is UK (check this by trying Navigate To/ Address/ Postcode and is there a GBR flag top right corner, if not tap this to select GBR from whats offered) - After this I have no idea, 0845 161 0009 is the UK CS number that you might want to try on Monday morning, otherwise take it back as unfit for purpose.

A more radical approach would be to bin the TomTom Safety cameras and install a database from a different supplier that works with the device and offers far greater protection against speeding fines/ points - Mike
This is what Tom Tom have suggested...

Thank you for contacting TomTom Customer Support. My name is Abby and we are always glad to assist you.

Thanks for your e-mail. I really appreciate your patience and the initial step that you performed to resolve this issue.

As I understand the speed alerts are showing incorrect speed, if the speed camera is set at 30 MPH the alert will show 19 MPH, 40 MPH is shown at 25 MPH and 50 MPH is shown at 31 MPH. Correct me if I am wrong?

We truly understand the importance of correct speed indicator for you. Please be assured we would work together on this issue and get it resolved.

To help me to investigate why you are not receiving the correct speed, please do the following

-Perform Factory Reset

To perform a Factory Reset please do the following. Please be aware that you will lose any recent destinations and favourites by doing this - you can make a backup of these first in TomTom HOME by clicking on the button called Backup & Restore.

? Switch on the unit
? Go to 'Change Preferences' (ensure all menu options are visible)
? Go to the last screen and select 'Reset Factory Settings'
? Select 'Yes'

Then go through the setup procedure again.

STEP - Creating a backup of your map

- Charge your unit for at least two hours (preferably via the home charger)
- Perform a reset on your device (see: Reset )
- Connect your device to the computer and turn it on
- Open the Home software, go to page 2 and press on the "Manage My Device" (Go, ONE, XL) button.
- Tick your map and press on the "Copy to Computer" button

IMPORTANT: We advise you to follow the next steps ONLY if you have made a successful backup of your map.

STEP Run the Clear Flash tool

- Download the clear flash tool from Clear Flash tool and follow the instructions on this web page.
- Once this has completed, switch your TomTom device off, disconnect it from the Computer and then switch it back on.

STEP Run a Disk Error Check

For details on running a disc error check, please click on Check device memory for errors.

Please let me know the status of the issue, if required we would investigate further.

Your satisfaction is our prime concern.

Thank you for giving me your valuable time and an opportunity to assist you.

If you have any other queries please feel free to contact us. We would be more then happy to help.

With Kind Regards
The TomTom Customer Care Team

If I do a factory reset will I lose voices I paid for??

Also how do I install another speed camera database??

Thanks for your help
If I do a factory reset will I lose voices I paid for??

Also how do I install another speed camera database??
A Factory Reset won't wipe the voices from your account, if they disapear from the device you can reinstall them using Home.

As for an alternate Speed Camera Database have a look at the offering from Pocketgpsworld.com you won't go far wrong with that and its considerably better in terms of accuracy and content than the files supplied by TomTom, this is especially true for UK users - Mike

Thanks again

I have carried out all their instructions and guess what??

Its still the same......another step closer to returning it to Halfords..

I will try the other camera database first..
Tom Tom Are now telling me that the speeds are NORMAL!!

I am sorry but I have had 2 Tom toms before and the speed cameras have always shown the actual speed not 60% of it..

Any ideas anyone?

Below is tomtom's reply

Thank you for contacting TomTom Customer Support. This is Abby again and we are always glad to assist you.

Thanks for your e-mail. I really appreciate your patience and co-operation.

I have investigated your case further. I would like to inform you that your device is working absolutely fine and there is no fault regarding the speed alerts.

As far as the speed limit is concerned, if it is set at 30 MPH the alert will show 19 MPH, 40 MPH is shown at 25 MPH and 50 MPH is shown at 31 MPH because the alert works at 60% of the set speed limit.

Let me explain you, 60% of 30 is 19., It means if you set the speed limit at 30, when it reaches 19 you will get an alert because it has reached 60%.

Same way, If you set the speed limit to 40 you will get an alert on 25 as 60% of 40 is 25.

Please note that Safety Camera alerts will only give an audio warning when you are traveling faster than 60% of the speed limit, or actually exceeding the speed limit. This feature is designed to stop you being needlessly warned when in slow moving traffic.

Hope, the information that I gave you is to your expectations, please let me know if you have any other queries, I would be more then happy to assist you.

Andrew, you are our valuable customer and your satisfaction is our prime concern.

With Kind Regards
The TomTom Customer Care Team

Should you wish to reply to this e-mail, please go to the TomTom website and log in. Once logged in, click on the support button at the top of the website, and then under support links on the right hand side you will see the link to My Questions. Click on the subject heading to view and update your question, you will also find the option to attach files here and to download any that the TomTom Customer Care team may have sent you.

Our opening, closing times and contact details are on
You're running app 9.022. That's a very old app. I know there used to be a mph/kph issue way back when, which is probably what you're experiencing.

Also, your file is identifying the device as a GO 550, not a 950. Are you sure you have a 950?

Try these steps, to get the latest app. I expect it should offer 9.058 which is the latest. That app should have the kph/mph bug fixed.

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