Audible speed and safety camera alerts not working

Jul 27, 2010
My TomTom 630 has recenetly stopped playing audible alerts when a safety camera is in range or I exceed the road speed limit. The alert still comes up on the screen but no audible alert comes out.

All other sounds work properly (voice directions, phone calls etc) its just the audible alerts that have stopped. To the best of my knowledge I haven't changed a setting that would cause this and the setting to alert for warnings (ie alert when exceeding road speed limit) is set correctly and the sound selected is the default (Polite 2 I think)

I have searched through all the options and can't find a setting for this so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't done a pin reset - however I have run the "Restore to Factory defaults" icon - which reset everything but didn't solve the problem
Restore to Factory Defaults would have deleted any audible warnings you'd created. That what you should not have done.

Now you need to recreate them all.
Reset fixxed the problem

Thanks for the guidance - using the pin reset fixed the problem. Don't know why it broke - however its now back to normal
Audible speed alert not working on GoLive1000

I recently replaced my GO910 with a GOLIVE 1000. I am not sure if that was a wise thing to do. My good old GO910 was always utterly reliable and a good mate!

One feature I sorely miss from the GO910 is the audible alert if one exceeds the local legal speed limit. The GOLIVE1000's left bottom corner flashes red momentarily, but if I blink I miss it. Besides, I don't want to be constantly staring at its screen, for obvious reasons! :)

Anyone with the same experience, OR with a nice solution?

Will a solution do? :)

There *is* an audible alert for over-speed, but by default it is set to "Silence", and it is not at all obvious how to set it to anything else, because of a long-standing bug in the menu structure.

In order to get the audible alert working you have to jump through a couple of hoops...

1. Go to Settings / Safety Settings
2. UN-TICK "Warn when driving faster than allowed"
3. Tap "Next" then "Done"
4. Go back into Safety Settings a second time
5. TICK "Warn when driving faster than allowed" again
6. Now you will get a new screen where you can select the sound effect you want to use.

(Be aware that whenever there is a software update, there is a long-standing issue that it gets set BACK to silent even if you have changed it!).

Incidentally, using "Add community content" in MyTomTom, you can also add your own warning sounds (in .wav or .ogg format) to add to that list, if you wish.
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