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Jul 27, 2020
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Go 920T
MY TT GO920T since carrying out a TT upgrade has problems getting past the LEGAL NOTICE page in that when I press the " I Agree" note nothing happens. Please can anyone help.
When the screen asks do I want to connect to the computer the touch instruction works.
I also note that when connected to the PC it says not connected under certain headings, yet under some it will say update various items.
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Which upgrade(s) did you perform and when?
I'd start with a reset. With the device running, plugged into your PC, and with Home running, GENTLY push a paperclip or similar into the hole in the bottom of the unit and release after your 920 responds to that (just a couple of seconds).
See if that changes Home's mind about what is available. Afterward, disconnect and see if you can get past the "I Agree".
If not, we'll have copy one file from your 920 to your PC and delete it from your 920 to see what happens.
Thanks for your reply, it must be 2 years ago that in plugging in to try and update the maps before visiting my son in America. There was an instruction from Tom Tom to carry out a download, cant honestly remember just what, until then everything worked fine. After that cant get past the legal page. Although tonight I left it on my desk top on the legal page and after a while noticed the page had changed, pressed a button and it was working, rushed downstairs to show off to the wife, got back upstairs and back on freeze. Carried out a reset no joy. What file would I have to delete. Again though thanks for the suggestion, I informed TT when it happened but they just said change it for a later model.
Copy the file mapsettings.cfg (it will be in the folder that contains your map data, probably Western_Europe_2GB or similar folder name) to your PC, and delete it from your device.
See if that helps the boot cycle any.,
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I deleted the file as suggested but no change. The attached is the start of a message I received from TT I will try to forward the remaining bit after this.
Was this directly in response to connecting your device with Home running, or were you attempting an update when you got that message?
It appears that there was a map update that didn't complete due to a bad download.
I would say this was when I was last doing an update 2/3 years ago because it was only after that that I had the problem. When TT couldn't help I put the unit away in disgust but now seeing it come back to life even for a couple of minutes I'm keen to see if I can eradicate the problem. Should I be able to see the downloads and say be able to delete the last one??
Just checking the maps I updated the USA and Canada Map in 19/09/2016 and used the unit successfully in 2017.
The Western & Central Europe Maps kept telling me they required updating but we didn't intend to go so we didn't bother, last update 29/07/2012
I just checked reported the problem to TT early 2019.
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I was referring to the screen shot pieces that you posted when I asked the circumstances under which they occurred. Are you saying these are screen shots from ca. 2018?

If either of your map sets are any good, we can probably resurrect this thing. Before we go any further, please do a full backup of your 920 using this method >>

The maps will be the most critical bit of the backup. The rest can be reloaded from Home. The process above assures a decent backup. Home occasionally does not.
Hello, sorry for the delay I'm afraid I am not totally ofay with the IT world and had to get guidance today re how to do a full back up in line with your instructions. Sorry its an age thing.
I have now done this a saved the back up to as suggested TT Backup.
Be interting to know what I do now and I await you further guidance, thanks.
I did everything then in reverse but unfortunately I still cannot get past the Legal Notices screen.
I then went into say update but it says your unit isnt connected. Sorry about this I guess people like me or a bit of a pain.
OK. Before we start, I want to be SURE that your maps are backed up OK. Sounds like you got some help there, which is fine.
Wherever your helper landed them on your PC, I want to be sure there's a folder called something like Western_Europe or Western_Europe_2GB or something remotely similar. Please confirm that the folder is there and has plenty of files of content in it. In that folder should be big files like cline.dat and cnode.dat.

If you DO find that folder and good content, then go to this next step, and DO get help if you need it.

The entire device should be formatted with your PC in FAT32 format, and not the "Quick format", the "FULL format".
Then make sure Home is fired up with your 920 connected, and let Home reload the firmware for you. It may do so in more than one pass, which is to say, it may send you firmware, then ask to update THAT firmware.
Once Home has completed the firmware update, then copy the map folder discussed above back to your 920, properly disconnect your 920 (a USB device) from your PC, turn it off (or let it turn itself off) and restart it. See if that gets you somewhere positive.

If it does, and since that's a 920, you may wish to copy back the USA/Canada/Mexico map folder as well, but let's get Europe working first.
You are extremely patient and understanding, thank you. I will however seek some assistance in doing this otherwise I know I will make a hash of it. I will let you know how I go on, it will be Monday before I can get some help. Again thank you.
The only IT guy I know is on holiday for two weeks, I will have to wait till then, didnt want you to think I was ignoring you.
No problem. Wish we were on holiday for 2 weeks! Not sure where we would go, though.

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