Rider II freezes on b/w boot information screen

Dec 14, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
Rider II
OK, I'm desperate!

I tried to load some new maps and my TTR2 froze on the 'TomTom' splash screen with the logo. Nothing would kick it into further action or turn it off. Until I removed the SD card. Then it came up with a b/w information screen that looks like an information dump when the boot process gets stuck.


Now it won't do anything else. Paperclip resets cause a blank screen, then the splash screen, then this b/w information screen. Doesn't matter if I have an SD card inserted or not. No amount of messing with resets and power button has changed anything. Is there a sequence anyone knows about out there that will get me out of this?

Last time it worked I was running 7.901 and having trouble getting the Rider to connect with the CARDO bluetooth headset using 8.15 maps.

Anyone with an idea can email me direct on (e-mail address removed) if you have a file or image to send.
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OK, stand down... I just called customer support in the UK and they successfully diagnosed the problem over the 'phone in about 5 mins... the 'On' button was getting stuck in the depressed position (I know how it feels) so all it needed was prising out a little to let the TomTom continue its boot process. This unit has always required a seriously hard press on the 'On' button to fire it up, so obviously this is a sticky button and my ham-fisted heavy pressing has finally pushed it over the edge.

The customer service rep. was patient, polite, knowledgeable and effective. Not bad considering the nightmare stories around about TomTom customer service. He also connected with the email I'd sent yesterday and followed up with a confirmation email to me with a reference number, etc. immediately after I put the phone down.

So, now you know. If you ever see a B/W boot info dump like the one above, it's a programmed response that's initiated by holding down the 'On' button and intentionally arrests the boot process at a point that gives diagnostic info.

John. ;-)
Good to hear you had success with support. I have always had good support when phoning them. Emailing is pretty much a waste of time.

On a side note, whenever the SD card is out, and you hold the start button in for 5 or more seconds, you will also get that screen.


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