TomTom 720 freezes at startup screen

Sep 5, 2008
We bought a TomTom 720 for our vacation in Hawaii. The unit has worked flawlessly for the past couple of weeks around our hometown. Murphy's law of course dictated things would change.

I turned the unit off after arriving in the hotel parking lot. Then, it appeared to turn itself back on again. Whether I pushed the power button by mistake or not, I'm not sure. In any case, it never got past the startup screen, and it still hasn't.

So far I have tried:

-Soft reset of the unit, multiple soft resets, holding the reset button down for 30 sec or more.
-Draining the battery and then fully charging it.
-Uninstalling and reinstalling the application using TomTom HOME.
-Uninstalling and reinstalling the application manually (various versions).
-Formatting the drive and reinstalling the application.
-Formatting the drive and restoring a known good backup.
-Formatting the internal drive and installing the application on an SD card.
-Clear Flash utility.

After running the Clear Flash utility, a different screen was displayed. The screen was grey with a yellow bar across the bottom. I left it for a few minutes to see if it would do anything, which it didn't, so I did a soft reset. After this, the unit got stuck at the startup screen like normal.

TomTom is offering a replacement unit, but it will take a few weeks. I'd love to get this running for the rest of our vacation if possible. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!


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