Scala Rider and two bluetooth connections

Apr 23, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
GO 530, Rider 2 Europe
Hi all

I've just bought a Tomtom Rider 2nd Edition Europe. Annoyingly it won't appear to connect to my iPhone 3G, so I thought I would connect the phone directly to the Scala Rider headset that was supplied with the Tomtom. However, if I pair the Scala with the phone then the Tomtom loses the Scala connection. It doesn't seem to be just with the iPhone, because the same thing happens if I pair the Scala with a Sony Ericsson W880i.

The only way I can get the Tomtom to see the Scala again is buy re-pairing the two devices, at which point the Scala loses the phone connection.

I thought the Scala was supposed to be able to maintain up to three connections, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Thanks in advance.

OK, this can be tricky.

The best way is to direct your phone to the GPS then tie the gps to the scala. It works for me 75% of the time, but is a bitch to do the first time.
I have the Ryder 1 and purchased my Scala seperatly. In fact my Ryder 1 is comng apart at the seams.
Headset will connect with phone

I've been working on a solution as well. I have a Nokia N75. Same problem as others - TT makes call and connects, no in or out audio through headset.

To determine whether the problem was with the phone or the headset, I paired the TT with my phone and a Plantronics 320 behind-the-ear BT headset. EVERYTHING worked perfectly.

As far as the comment that the headset that came with the TT is not the same as the stand alone, and that it can only pair with one device....the phone pairs only with the TT and the headset pairs only with the TT. The only device that is pairing with 2 devices is the TT.

As another person suggested, I also "un-paired" both devices, and then "re-paired" them (this time with the Cardo), and everything worked. But after powering all the units off and on, the cardo is back to no audio on a phone call.

I'm going to try turning the data connection on and off as mentioned in this thread, and see what effect that has.

This is good discussion, keep it going...someone is bound to mention something that puts more of the pieces together.
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Both my units are of the old type, Old scala, old TT-1. I have the scala that is supposed to be a paired type with FM. You have to reconnect everything each and every time you use it. I don't even bother anymore, for it is such a hit and miss thing and takes far too long.

I have not even tried with the TT-2
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The fat lady hasn't sung yet!!!

I'm not going to quit working on it yet.

I followed the post that contains the email with instructions from TomTom support. Maybe the unit I just purched had an old rev application installed, we'll see, and I'll continue to update on progress.
Update on turning the data connection on and off. Unless you are subscribing to data connections through your cellular provider, it will not complete the connection pairing process.

This feature is only needed for TT plus live feeds for traffic, weather, etc. and has no affect on voice calls.

Still working on it.....
Answer to Problem???

I found something on a European website today at work, and tried it first thing when I got home?.and it seems to work.

Start from scratch. Delete all Bluetooth pairing from your TT Rider, your phone, and your Scala Rider headset.

Re-pair all devices. Try making a call. If the call connects, but you still have no audio in or out on your headset, then do the following:

1. Disconnect the call.
2. Go into the Bluetooth preferences and disable Bluetooth.
3. Wait for the headset and phone to show no connection to the TT Rider.
4. Re-enable Bluetooth.
5. Wait for the TT Rider to display connections activated with the headset and the phone.
6. Make a call.

Something about that combination works.
What a pain!!!

Thanks for the tip Raford! After 3 days of trying to get a call through to my headset I was FINALLY able to do so. Seems to only work about 50% of the time as I am testing it though. What a pain in the butt!!!! Seems to me this should really work 100% of the time!
Hi Anthonyh
It may be worth while checking your phone model against the compatibility list at:
TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems
I don't know how complete that list is, but do know that all phones / models do not have all features available.

The advice given by others is correct as far as set-up structure. The Tomtom is the MASTER device, and your other devices are the SLAVES, that means that all your other devices must be paired to your Rider 2nd Edition for them to connect to each other.

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