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Mar 5, 2020
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Hi Everyone

Can someone out there tell me what I'm doing wrong, well at least I think I am.

I'm at present in Stafford and I want to plan a route from Mydroilyn in Wales to Cardiff in Wales, using MyDrive and then send it to my sat nav.

In MyDrive I can see 3 alternative routes between the two place names, so I choose one of them, so far so good, the next thing I do is click Send Destination.

When I connect my sat nav to my desktop computer and look in Recent Destinations the route is planned from Stafford and not Mydroilyn, surley I don't, have to drive to Mydroilyn in order to get the sat nav to program the route from there.

My Thanks to anyone who can put me straight.


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What your satnav is doing is attempting to perform your route from your current location. It's saying "Yes, I can do this, but considering where we are are at present, we have some work to do yet before we can begin".

If you were in Mydroilyn, it wouldn't be trying to start you from Stafford.
Hello Canderson

Thank you for your quick reply, so are you telling me I can only get it to programme a route from the sat nav's current location even if I use MyDrive then upload it to my satnav.
That's a real pain, I know for a fact my old TomTom would programme for anywhere.
I might be confused, but ...

You can set up any type of route you like on the MyDrive web system and save it and refer it to your satnav, but if you try to run it, it's going to look different on the satnav if you're not already at the starting point of the route - it will add your present position to beginning of the route to the overall route.

Ah, hang on a sec. Send Destination? No!
Instead, click on "Save to My Routes" (the green bar lower down!)

After saving it with a name, select the toggle for "Sync this route as a track with my devices".


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