Planning and transferring route to 550

Apr 7, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
Rider 550
I have a 550 which is driving me mad trying to either do a route directly onto the 550 or doing a route on Drive and then transferring it.

Normally I am able to set a start location and then do a Ride and select a final destination either from my places or by directly pressing on the screen. This then sets the automatic route which I can name and save. Then I usually can modify the route by pressing on the screen to the selected roads/route. However, I am finding that it will allow a part of the route to be changed and then will remain locked to to auto generated route so now I have multiple routes.

So I have done the route on My Drive save it and then transferred it but now I find that it does does not transfer the same route and sections that are correct on the My Drive route are different to what is being transferred.

Can somebody please advise what may be going on here. I am not great with computers and I accept that I may be doing something wrong but at the moment it is just driving me mad.


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