Reinstalling using Home 2.5

Dec 11, 2008
I was wondering if there is a way to install downloaded items from the TomTom directory on your pc? I have items in the directory and need to reinstall to my TT and have no backup or a copy. Just the saved items in the download folder. Home 2.5 has the option to take from the TT device but not from the PC to TT. Is there some way to reinstall downloaded material?
Sure, you CAN use Home to install stuff on your computer.

Use Home to Add maps/voices and if you have a map you dl previously, it's stored on your computer. Home will 'see' the items on your computer. It'll show the map. You can select it and install.

Also, firmware you dl is also on the computer. Home will list that, too. (click on 'more info' to see what version you have and/or need to be installed on the unit).

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