930T Reinstalling Application Device Problem

Jul 11, 2009
Sydney, Australia.
TomTom Model(s)
Hi all,

Ive been having problems with my TomTom 930T always resetting itself when I first power it on. Ive had a check though the TomTom website and it adv me that I need to uninstall the TomTom application on the device and then reinstall it.

I followed this link.
TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems - Support home - Select your product

Now I am past the part where that FAQ asked me to uninstall the application software from the device and then reconnect it to TomTom Home and then update the device to reinstall the application. The problem is now when I have uninstalled the Application software on the 930T the device no longer get recognized by home. However Windows 7 still recognized the device just as a normal removable USB storage device.

When I take the device out and then start it up disconnected from the PC it loads up then shows a screen with the TomTom and an SD card with an 'X' going accross it.

Is there a way to manually install the application without the TomTom home software?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys and gals.
Back up everything in your devices directory using explorer.
Delete all contents from the device & format it.
Run TomTom Home & reconnect your devilce. TTH will reinstall the latest application build.
After this is done Copy & paste the map folder back into the root of your devices directory.
Do you have a non Windows 7 PC available to use as Windows 7 is known to be unstable when a TT device is connected?? Try XP or eben Vista - Mike
Thanks for your help guys, looks like it was indeed Windows 7 that was causing the issue. Ive connected it to my XP laptop and it got recognised right away.

I may reformat like Colm said as it is still freezing up every 2-3 reboots (I use the 930 alot since im on the road for work) and then reinstall everything back on it again. Im beginning to think that the 930 has allot of bugs in its application software...

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