Mar 13, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
I have a 930T that I can here the drum but the screen has no picture and my computer cannot see the device. What can I do to get it repaired?
Are you using the cable that came with the device? A usb port on the back, not the front of the device?

If yes to both questions, does your computer not recognize the 930 as a removable drive in My Computer and assign the 930 a drive letter?
I am using the dock that came with the 930T. It is a cradle with a USB connection.
My computer does not see this unit at all.
Finally the computer does see the 930T as a device with all the files!!

Nothing on the screen as originally stated.
Well, certainly can be a hardware problem.

If you connect the unit to Home, can you use the emulator (Operate my device).??

If so, perhaps the digitzer on your unit is shot.

There are experts in that area here who can advise and will probably check into this thread so check back.
It may help to know the history of the device...

Has it been yours for a long time, have you ever seen it working?
If so... did you do anything to it, or did anything happen to it just before it stopped working?
If not... what's the situation?

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