Question about wires in Tomtom 2405

Sep 23, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
I opened my TOMTOM GO2405 to replace its battery and I appear to have disconnected a set of thin red and black wires which connect the front side with the back. They are located in one corner. I don't know what they do but the GPS operation is not visibly impaired. I think it maybe wires connecting to a metal chasis for antenna or something but I can't be sure. Does anyone know what these wires may do?
Any chance they were connected to the microphone? I've not specifically opened a 2405, but ... colors match some other units.
I think they are. Thank you very much for your answer. I feel relieved that I didn't break anything all that useful and I didn't open up the front to fix it (allowing dust into the screen section meanwhile).
When separating case in the video, I didn't see any indication of the microphone wires. The only connection was between the touch panel and the main board. I wonder if that was actually a 2405 that he was disassembling, or perhaps one of the few models without hands-free (e.g., a 1500).

To the OP. Traditionally, the microphone is hardwired on the microphone end, and with a small two pin connector on the motherboard end. Does that sound like what you saw?

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