Problems caused my map update

Sep 29, 2009
First of all, the email from TomTom persuading me to purchase a map update promised a discount ($39.95). Yet I was billed for $59.95. FALSE ADVERTISING.

I had extreme trouble with the update with so many error messages I had to call for technical support. They walked me through the update which took an hour. As the update was too big, all my data had to be deleted from my device and then reinstalled. In the process, I lost all my favourites (which took me 2 years to create), as well as my favourite colour schemes. Not only that, the car symbol cannot be changed from the default arrow.

Tech support said they could help me reinstall the application - which may nor NOT help. Too frustrated to find out. TomTom sucks. Next time I buy a Garmin.
If you made a backup of your map prior to the update, you can copy the mapsettings.cfg file from the backed up map to the new map folder. That should restore the favourites.

The price for the subscription is made up of 2 components: 1) ther cost to get to the current map + 2) the cost of four additional updates (which are $39.95). That's why you see the price you do.

On the tomtom website, it states this:
** Map Update Service: 1yr
- starts with the latest map, so you may have to upgrade your map at a discounted price
- Actual final pricing will vary and will be determined based on the age of the map currently on your device and the maps included in the service type you choose.
- For pricing options and to purchase you will need to install TomTom HOME desktop software. Click here for hardware requirements and to download the installation software
Once purchased, Map Update Service cannot be transferred to another TomTom GPS device.

So hardly false advertising.

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