possible future voice recognition improvement / third party?

Jul 28, 2009
I am a little dissapointed in the voice nav. on 930 The new garmin's let you say anything that is a choice on the screen, and you can do anything without touching the screen. The 930 is very minimal. However, since it CAN do voice rec. , do you a think a future software upgrade will make it much better? Or is there any third party vendors working on this? I ask because I am considering getting the garmin instead.
The x40 series (only the 740 is sold in the US) has improved voice recognition. Most of the quickmenu options are speakable direct from the home screen.

I doubt there will be a software upgrade to improve the x30 models (such as your 930). Tomtom has gotten out of the habit of giving free new features to older models in the past years. For example, the x40 voice recognition was released Oct 08, and even though the exact same code is on the 8.351 application for the x30/x40 (in Europe), the code recognizes an x30 model and shuts off the enhanced voice recognition.

The Tomtom x40 still lags behind the competition in voice recognition, and I hope Tomtom will improve further when the x50 series is launched (hopefully Oct 09).
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