Possible to see map changes before updating

Nov 24, 2013
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One IQ Routes

I guess this is a common question...

I have had a "One IQ Routes edition" since 2009. It has "western and central Europe" v825 maps and is long over due for an update.

Before I buy a map update is it possible to find out what changes have been made?

I often drive the same routes through France and there have certainly been many changes to the roads since 2009.
TomTom frequently shows me driving through the middle of a field!
Obviously I would feel somewhat disappointed/defrauded if I buy an update and many of the road changes are still missing. I understand there's always some delay between an actual road change and it getting into the TT map update.
So is there somewhere on the TT web site (for example) that will show me what I will get? Their Route Planner tool (http://routes.tomtom.com/#/map) certainly has some of the missing roads although I suspect it doesn't use the same maps that are bought as part of an upgrade.
The map in the link you provided is often one version behind. So, if changes are there, they'll be on the most recent map as well. Another place to try is www.tomtom.com/mapshare/tools

Same thing applies.

Best thing is to post here a specific location you are concerned about and if a member here has the newest map, they can check if the change is on the map. Another forum where you can post your questions about the map changes is tomtom's own discussion forum. http://discussions.tomtom.com/t5/TomTom-Discussions/ct-p/en_en Many members there are European with the latest map.

Post in the Map Quality section there.
Thanks to all. The new roads that aren't in my TT are on the Route Planner. I guess I'll sign up for an update.
A few problems using the Route Planner though. The map image doesn't refresh completely when zooming or scrolling. Get bits of the expected area plus bits from half a continent away. Guess it's either a dodgy application of some setting in my browser (IE 10).

Thanks again.

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