poi ov2 csv FAQ? Too short to search!

Nov 3, 2009
I was trying to search the forums for postings regarding creating your own POIs via csv and converting to ov2 files... the search engine wont search for 3 letter words! Is there a FAQ around?
I actually was trying to use someone else's POIs and had some oddities, so I was looking for a more comprehensive FAQ.

Using this, the CSV file wasn't processing the phone number...
CSV to OV2 conversion tool - online POI data tools from GPS Data Team



Have a look at Richards web site Here where he has written a number of applications for changing POI data between different formats - Mike


It's annoying that the software used on this forum requires a 4 character minimum for search.

One workaround is to use google. For example, you can search google for:

poi site:www.tomtomforums.com

and it will give you all posts wth "poi" on this forum

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