poi s are ov2. but how to transfer to older tomtom

Apr 7, 2016
TomTom Model(s)
go 720 truck
Ive got a tomtom via 135 . which I have been using for a while.

I have now invested in a tomtom go 720 with truck software (second hand),
as I drive minibuses and thought this would be a better option.

I have POI s on the 135 model which are in ov2 mode and would like to transfer them onto the go 720, but everytime I do a manual transfer and put them directly into the POI file regardless of location whether it be internal memory or SD card. Then when I look on tomtom 720 the files are not showing in the POI on the device. even though they are saying they are in the folder on computer.

The go 720 uses tomtom home and the Via 135 uses my drive.

I even downloaded a POI editor and cannot find anyway to convert the ov2 files, im lost to be honest.
Be sure you are placing them in the correct folder on the 720. The *.ov2 format is the same for both units.
The *.ov2 files must be placed into the appropriate map folder on your 720. In your case, that would be the UK&ROI or Western Europe map folder.
An additional benefit with the POIs in your 720 is that you can make a custom "icon" for those .ov2 files. either create something or reduce a simple picture to 22 x 22 by 24BPP and give it the same name as you .ov2 but with the extension .bmp
He can do (and may have done) that on his Via 135 as well, though he may wish to make a size adjustment.
He lol...... im a lady other stuff too technical about creating my own stuff... but thanks for your help. ive managed to transfer files over just now and its working ok...

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