Please help - adding voices to Tom tom via 1400

Oct 7, 2011
hello all

I saw the instructions of how to install voices, but icant firnd the folder of voices to paste the 3 files, i click start/my computer, and nothing, i will need a program or no. My conection is ok.

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Assuming you just want to add recorded voices (like Yoda) and not computer text-to-speech voices ...

TomTom isn't offering voices for these units over their server yet. You'll need to get your voice from another source and save it to your computer. It will be a *.chk file.

In the lower right (the 'systray'), you'll see an icon (round TomTom red and white hands) for MyTomTom when your unit is connected.

Click on that icon.

Select "Add community content"

Click on "Add voice"

Click on "Browse", identify where the voice file is on your computer and select it, and click on "Install"
First, you need to use the MyTomTom web based application (get it at

Then, when you connect the unit to the computer, the desktop's MyTomTom icon will have an additional menu option called 'Add community voices'. You click here and one category is Add Voices.

It is here you get to browse your computer for voices (recorded, not computer---those can't be installed). You need a dataXX.vif and a dataXX.chk file for each voice. There may also be a dataXX.bmp file where XX is a number from 01 to 99 as I remember.

Anyway, these are the voice files to brwse for and install.

Once installed, you access them on the unit by Preferences-->Voices-->Switch voice.

You can get these files from another tomtom unit you may have or there are some sites on the internet where they are available.

Here's just one:
TomTom - GPS POI

(You won't be able to install commercially obtained voices as they are locked to the unit first installed upon).

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