Phantom screen pressing


Nov 11, 2021
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 2520
I've had my GO 2520 for ten years, now, and recently it started changing screens on its own. It is now so bad that the main screen is on for only about 3 seconds before it goes to main menu, then mostly to "help" and on to "product manuals". But sometimes it goes to changing destination. When I turn the thing upside down, it still goes mostly in that sequence, so I suspect it is not a question of the right lower corner. I cleaned the sides between the bevel and the screen, but to no avail.
I realize this is a 10-year old machine, but I am reluctant to just throw it away to buy something new.
Should I get a new touch screen?
Do you by chance have a screen protector on the device? If so, get rid of it.

Also, it's rare, but sometimes the frame of the device warps slightly. With the screen facing towards you, grip the device in both hands and CAREFULLY and SLOWLY apply pressure to the device just a bit.
And if by any chance there is any 'crud' under the bezel between the bezel and the glass, running a thin piece of plastic or a business card all the way around under the bezel edge to clean it out may also deal with phantom presses.

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