pause/resume option SHOW ROUTE DEMO

Jan 8, 2009

I'm using TOMTOM 5 in a nokia N70.

I'd like to know is I can stop and the resume an animation from the SHOW ROUTE DEMO option.

I know for sure that I can STOP it but if I cannot find any way to resume the animation from the point where I stopped it.

The only thing I can do is to start the animation again from the beginning. :confused:

Is There anyone with an answer or a possible work-around (I imagine that I could divide the route into parts and do the demo in each part but it is not the best for me)

Is it possible to resume a demo-animation in tomtom 5 mobile?

The main goal is to try to do a trip if the bluetooth GPS doesn't work properly.

Thank you in advance.

Pedro (from Barcelona)


Do not believe there is a way to pause/restart, only stop. Would be nice if a demo were able to be handled like a video, though.

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