outdated Fuel Prices


Jun 2, 2008
Central, Florida USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 930 Plus Services, Traffic, Fuel prices
Anyone else noticed this.

No problems downloading or installing.

HOME downloads and updates the files.


GPRS downloads and updates the files.

I've even opened up the HOME fuel cab file and updated the files manually.

Either way the prices are very old.

It shows prices of regular unleaded in my area 32927 Florida are $2.95 to $3.06 when in reality they are $3.45 and more.

Sounds just like the situation in the UK. TT have chosen a very poor data provider for the fuel prices.
Things have improved a lot recently but there are still dozens of "phantom" garages in their database which either closed years ago or never even existed, but which still have spurious fuel prices attached. These mess up the results because they keep showing up as "cheapest in area".
I got a GO740 this weekend (like it so far) and thought the out of date Fuel prices I've been seeing since was a TT Home issue, so I deleted all "fuel" files on device and computer then added them back again as suggested around these forums but still got the old prices today. Nice to know its not a file tweak type issue, but not nice to know that the Fuel prices updates are at least a couple of weeks out of date. Guess I'll stop messing with it and see if they get current on their own.
I'm finding that the prices in and around the Denver area are at 10 days out of date or so at the best of times lately. TomTom would be money ahead to partner up with gasbuddy.com here in the U.S. While that site isn't perfect either, it's updated MUCH more frequently. I wonder if TT is even aware of the service?
The fuel price is really out dated. The price for regular is 3.55 at the BP closed to my house and tomtom shows 3.35. It even said 2.89 in on gas station nearby which I know is impossible
I called TomTom today and spoke with them on this issue.

The rep spoke with a supervisor and told me they are aware of the problem and their software engineers are in the process of correcting the problem.

TomTom didn't have a estimate of when the problem would be solved.

At that point....I asked if they would extend my subscription....the Supervisor said yes and extend my subscription for 3 months.

That's fair seeing how the problem has been happening for about a month.

I was lurking on the TomTom Facebook page and noticed this link. This has to do with Go2405, 2505 and 2505 Live devices but it mentions the fact that " The Fuel Prices service is no longer available as part of LIVE services." I wonder if this also applies to the rest of us which would explain why we haven't had any recent fuel prices updates.

MyTomTom Update
Shouldn't be.
Fuel prices has been discontinued from the Live Services on new models but should be continuing on models that had it before (no idea for how long though).

It was still working on my European Go940, last time I looked.
It seems to be downloading fine and i can update anytime I wish, it's just that there's never any new data. The price at my local cheapest station has been showing on Fuel Prices as $2.85 for a month. It's now actually around $3.35. So after reading that link I started to think that TT has stopped supporting Fuel Prices and not gotten around to mentioning it to anyone. Kinda like when they stopped supporting renewals for RDS-TMC traffic receivers in January.

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