Safety Camera/Fuel Updates

Jul 17, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Go 940
Hi There

Is anyone having problems updating Safety Carera's? I have a 940Go and for over a week now I do not see any Camera or fuel updates when I connect to TT Home.

I have contacted Customer Support and have been advised that "Technical are aware of the situation and are working on it" However I have not seen any official Announcement.

My live services subscription is valid untill July 2013. Only as it is taking so long to fix thr problem, I feel I have paid for service I am not getting.
All I know is what you know, the servers are not providing updated camera & fuel updates.
The good news, Keith, is that you should still be getting OTA updates to your unit for those services. Like you, I'm not seeing regular updates to my GO 740 (same as yours less the space and European map). I haven't seen fuel prices for a bit, and the last 'safety' cam update I received was the free one we get in N.A., dated 7 March (*cab file internal dates of 20 May 2102).
The good news, Keith, is that you should still be getting OTA updates to your unit for those services.

I thought that too, and started to post about it, but then thought I'd just wait for confirmation "elsewhere".

I'm sure I've seen my speed cameras getting an update in the last day or so OTA but couldn't remember if it was on my Go940 or the new Go1005 (which uses MytomTom, not Home).
My Nav2 device is being updated regularly OTA. Fuel shows '1 hour ago' at the moment, and speed cams just updated. So at least the important version is working. Only if the OP is out of Live service area should it matter for now. The connected download of this info is only there to provide this information to users who are going to be out of range of Live services.
Interesting! I'm still only getting safety cams on hardwired connections. You must have obtained favored status there in NL, Zeng!
Just paid for another year's subscription for XL live, mainly for the safety cameras. I am getting no alerts and cannot find a menu on the device to change the warning preferences I didn't have this problem until I re-subscribed.
On your device, choose LIVE Services-->My Services... what does it for Safety Cameras?

If the date of expiry is does not reflect the year added for your renewal, you'll need to call CS.

UK support: 0845 161 0009
Ah yes, the old issue that many icons show what you want to do on the device, NOT what the setting is at the moment.

Thanks for the feedback.

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