NO MORE Tomtom Plus on 910??????

Dec 30, 2006
TomTom Model(s)
Go 910
I just got a new phone and its been awhile since I was able to use the data connection on my tomtom 910 and get plus services working. So I go to change my settings and it says "This feature in not supported." Any icon that is Plus related gives me this message. Did they patch this out of the 910?? lets see here is some more information if it helps?

TomTom GO 910
App 7.162 (9492/071121) OS:2327
GPS v1.21, Boot 4.8600
Map: 'North_America, v665.1293

*EDIT* I guess it was the phone that was the issue not the firmware, for when I deleted the pair suddenly I could access the plus icons.
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