No More TomTom

May 11, 2009
Just a comment, that I will *never* purchase any item made by TomTom again.

I have a Go 930. This unit basically died on Day 1 (reboots, lockups, etc..) and was sent in under warranty to be replaced.

Since then, it has worked but still has some minor issues. Recently it seems to reboot every 3 or 4 days. The battery is shot - doesn't hold a charge.

Contacted TomTom, so I could send it in for repair. Well because it was sent in earlier, the replacement unit only has a 6 month warranty, no matter that the ORIGINAL warranty should still be in effect. So by having TomTom fix a malfunctioning unit,. means that the warranty is immediately cut in half!
I think you could make an argument that 1-year is one year, regardless of how many times it is repaired. Speak to 2nd level support if you get nowhere initially.

Looking at the TomTom warranty TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems
If the Hardware is repaired or replaced within the
Warranty Period. the greater of the remaining warranty period or three (3)
months from the date of repair/replacement will apply
I don't see why they say it is now only a 6 month warranty if I were you I would tell them to read their warranty and honor it.

I do have a question for you though, did you have to pay shipping to send your Go 730 to TomTom and how much did it cost you?

It cost me $9.05 to ship FedEX - I could have applied that to an external antenna that may also have been able to solve the problem with my GPS that all of a sudden could no longer get any GPS signal.
Yes I tried a Soft & Hard reset, also did a Clear Flash - nothing worked

I am still within the 180 days of purchasing my Go 730 so it was still under warranty.
I thought I was waiting for a email from TomTom with a prepaid shipping label not just an email with an address to send it to because I am still in warranty so I thought TomTom should pay the shipping.
"..after the first one hundred and eighty (180) days of the Warranty Period, TomTom is entitled to charge you for any reasonable shipping and handling costs made in
connection with the repair or replacement of the Hardware."

The thing that made me angry with your post is
manta said:
Recently it seems to reboot every 3 or 4 days. The battery is shot - doesn't hold a charge.

So it sounds like you got a refurb with a crappy battery.
I don't know what would be causing yours to reboot - my original never did that.

I just hope TomTom tries to resolves mine better or they may end up loosing another customer to Garmin.
Call them on the carpet so to speak. Sometimes first level support gives a canned answer and they really do not understand. Ask for a supervisor or second level support and read them their warranty. The way I interpret the warranty is that is you return in on the last day of the original box warranty and it is repaired they then provide an additional three months on that repair. Their words not ours.

If the Hardware is repaired or replaced within the
Warranty Period. the greater of the remaining warranty period or three (3)
months from the date of repair/replacement will apply
How exactly is it rebooting? Could you possibly be doing something wrong? Are you holding down the power button for more then 2 seconds EVER?

You also have the warranty all screwed up. Many people have used it and its never been like you are describing.
How exactly is it rebooting? Could you possibly be doing something wrong? Are you holding down the power button for more then 2 seconds EVER?

You also have the warranty all screwed up. Many people have used it and its never been like you are describing.

Spontaneous reboot can be because of a failed software update, or a unit that is overheating(heat sink wasn't put on properly inside the unit or something similar). It can also show up in some cases due to bluetooth pairing with a phone that has problems with ITS bluetooth implementation. I have the problem when my cell phone has been running for too many days without rebooting it as well, but this has gotten better with the last few updates.
I, too, have been snake bit again. A month or so back my 720 completely lost all connection with satellite acquistion. I saw no gray bars only vacant white columns where beautiful blue bars should have been. So, I drop another $250 on a brand new 920...( and of course, I lost the map update purchase that I had originally bought for the 720)....and yesterday the the 920, too, refuses to connect with satellites....white empty columns. Scratching my head wondering if I am putting out some weird magnetic body pulse...I cannot figure it...have done all the resets imaginable. I guess I need to call TomTom support and find out how and where to ship the darn thing back to them. This starting to wear thin. Has anyone else experienced this lack of satellite connection? I guess I should explain how the unit went bad. I had turned the unit on, and just as I hit the screen to put in a new navigation site, the unit goes gray map screen and has not come back since. There was a muted sound that came over the internal speaker...a crackle...sounds like a popped or fired something or other to me. Steve

Yep, I personally have the same problem (lost ability to acquire satellite signal with my 730).
I don't remember hearing anything, I just turned it on and got nothing.

So I tried a Soft reset, Hard reset, Clear Flash (Tool), External Memory Card, Letting it try and acquire a signal for way past the recommended five (5) minutes, etc, nothing worked so it wasn't software related.

canderson in the past also reported the same problem with his 720.
Various other members in forums have also had/reported this problem.

I don't know if the external GPS antenna would help in this situation but am curious.

My theory is TomTom has a crappy solder job to the GPS chip (I think it is hardware related).
Very strange for so many occurrences and they are past and present so should not be software related.
(should have done more TomTom research before buying as it looks like a common defect)

Here are a few words of wisdom for others (not x20 owners)since I am still in the process with my warranty claim.
TomTom no longer sells the x20 so I don't they they could issue a NEW unit.

No longer true was provided an explination said:
When you call or eMail TomTom support try to NOT get a RMA number that starts with a zero (0) you want one that begins with a three (3)

If you do get assigned a zero ask why it is being assigned this number.
I don't know if they have a criteria for assigning RMA's but would like to know what units qualify for a 0 and what ones qualify for a 3

I mean come on TomTom you still sell x30's so have new ones in stock.
I bought a new x30 so should either get my original one back or another new one.
That or explain why and change your warranty to also reflect the decision process involved.
I got a vague explanation see new post bellow

Removed about RMA differences

Also request for a prepaid shipping label
(I didn't get one until after I sent mine in so I couldn't use it, it cost $9.05 shipping with FedEX)

They just sent me a eMail where to send it to
FWS Fulfillment Center
Attn: TT Dock Door #29
13500 Independence Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76177
Asked to have the RMA number on the bottom
and print out and include the eMail with the shipment.

They also said they only accept FedEX or UPS deliveries :eek:

They don't even take the time to diagnose your unit and will just automatically send either a refurbished product or new one based on the RMA number you were given.
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An update on my conversation with TomTom support concerning my GO920...

Talked with Dee, originally, concerning the above mentioned problem with the 920. I asked about returning the unit for warrranty work, but she immediately suggested a possible solution that she would send to me in an email..... which deals with the unit 'looping'. I was to go into TomTom Home and remove the application (8.350) and other things referred to in the 9091 link.....then re-install the units application. I did all as suggested, went to TomTom Update and lo and behold a new map was there for download...830.2284, plus an application, plus GPS updates and mapshare updates. WELL, I bemoaned the fact to her that my 720 had had the same problem as the 920 and that I had basically lost the yearly map update subscription that I had purchased for the 720...too bad, so sad!:p...(but then I remembered that I had established the 920 under the old 720's email address, which I guess one can do every six months?? I guess the subscription suddenly became valid again??)...anyway I tucked that little sucker right onto the unit immediately and did a Windows Explorer update. Well, long story short, the unit still will not acquire a satellite signal.

Called TomTom support back (Gary, this time answered)...and he wants me to fax to them the purchase receipt and they will ship out another unit, probably a refurb.....rather then shipping the broken unit in for warranty work. We will see how all of this will shake out, but I feel confident that TomTom will try to make things right.....Lord knows that I often buy refurbed stuff. Steve
Has anyone else experienced this lack of satellite connection?
Yes. It was for that exact reason that I returned my GO720 (purchased late December '07, died early February '08). It had no idea that there was anything overhead at all.
About TomTom RMA's

I got a update on the RMA logic from TomTom support rep Rebecca F who has to be the most knowledgeable person I have encountered at TomTom thus far.

Becki said:
In regard to the RMA number and determining if the RMA starts with a '3' or a '0', will reflect that the unit will be new of refurbished. Tim, this is entirely not true. ALL RMA numbers are actually created by the incident number when you call in. For instance your RMA is: 090512-000254. The first 6 numbers are the date: May, 12th, 2009. The last six numbers represent the actual ticket that was created. This means that you were the 254 person that contacted us that day.

I then called in to ask how in the world then could a person ever get a RMA that starts with a 3 then.
I spoke with Josh C who told me that new products and various other things are issued a 3. He said all returns would be assigned a RMA that starts with a 0.

Last I checked RMA stands for Returned Materials (or Merchandise) authorization.

So I am still thinking why does it say RMA's that start with a number 3 as it is not returned merchandise or materials :eek:

Wouldn't it technically not be a RMA then?
How does TomTom determin NEW vs Referbished

Becki @TomTom said:
In regard to the warranty and the fact if we do send out a new or refurbished unit. It is at TomTom's discretion to make this decision

Josh @TomTom said:
Told me in our telephone discussion today,
It is a 30 day policy from the day you purchase your GPS.
So if it fails within the first 30 days you will be issued a NEW GPS.
After the fist 30 days you will be issued a Refurbished GPS.
I told him great - nice to hear of a clear policy on what makes this decision.
Can you forward me where I can publicly read about this policy?

Josh sent me a link to the legal page TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems

Guess what, there is no mention of a 30 day policy regarding warranties in any of those documents.

Under the Limited Warranty - The following applies for my location NEW/LW(US)-English2008.pdf

It just has the following:
"The parts may be repaired or replaced with either new or refurbished parts, the product may be replaced for a new or refurbished product."​
This is not very cut and dry but very vague and open.

A Repair/Replacement is mentioned but nothing about a 30 day policy.
If it is TomTom's policy IT SHOULD BE AMMENDED INTO IT

Under General Terms and Conditions for Online Sales - It does have section 10) Limited Warranty
Again no mention of this 30 day policy.

It does however mention other 30 day rules under other sections such as 4) Delivery and risk of loss
but as nothing under warranty

My recommendation to TomTom said:
I therefore seriously recommend that TOMTOM should immediately amend their legal documentation to add for this supposed 30 day policy.

TomTom could also distribute notice of this amendment by issuing a new firmware update that only updates the docs folder with the amended legal documentation.

Home could also be updated for a if..then statement to show a notice of these updates just like the map subscription one until the firmware update is with the new documentation is installed that way every TomTom customer new and old could be made aware of this policy.
TomTom support rep Rebecca F clarified on the RMA's

Becki @TomTom said:
In regard to the RMA's that start with 3 and the RMA's that start with 0. Tim, the RMA number has nothing to do with the unit being new or refurbished. Please be advised that we are a European company. The RMA's that are set up over here will look like this: 090522-001702, which we explained has to do with the date, nothing more. The RMA's that start with 3 are for our Customer' over seas. The RMA's over in Europe will look something like this: RMA: 333457284757.

She also clarified on the policy of new vs refurbished.
Becki @TomTom said:
In regard to sending out a new unit if it is under 30 days. You are right, it is not listed in the warranty, as we simply do this as a courtesy, and again we have the right to send out a new or refurbished unit out at our discretion. We do apologize that you find this very open and vague.

In regard to your suggestions on how we should state our policy, and include the 30 day policy, we do appreciate this, and will pass this up to the proper department for further review.
I do have to still say that Becki is a very knowledgeable at TomTom support and a real asset to their company.

Thank you Becki for the clarification as it has not only helped me understand and calm down but will also help others. :eek:

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