TomTom iPhone/iPad App Feature Requests-compass heading while navigating and more Via Points.

Sep 12, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
ipad app
A compass rose or direction indicator would be very helpful while navigating, especially with “North Up” turned off. Most navigation devices and maps consider this essential, why not TomTom on the iPhone/iPad App?

More than 5 Via points are necessary for complex routes that now have to be broken up into multiple sections, which is dangerous to change while driving. Any way to add more?


Why not contact TomTom and make those suggestions to them.

You are posting in a peer-to-peer forum.

I was hoping others might wish to comment on these issues, which would make a stronger case to TomTom.
I also hoped someone at TomTom might be paying attention to the Forum, as is often the case with other company's forums.


I did send a request to TomTom long ago, I'll repeat it on the discussions forum.
You're welcome to delete this so it doesn't take up space.

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