No download from Google Maps to VIA 1405

Apr 18, 2012
San Antonio, TX, USA
TomTom Model(s)
Via 1405M
So I recently purchased a TomTom Via 1405M from Sam's. To date, I have not been able to download locations from Google Maps or the TomTom route planner. The unit does not show up as a drive in Windows Explorer.

However, with my Garmin Nuvi location downloads were seamless and the drive appears in Windows Explorer. I was able to get it up and running in less than 10 minutes.

This is not the case with the Via 1405. This is the message that is shown in a subsequent web-page after download attempt:

"Cannot add to your TomTom
You have clicked an 'Add to TomTom' button. Unfortunately, TomTom HOME cannot add the item to your TomTom device because there is something wrong with the button."

I've uninstalled and re-installed software, searched forums, delete configuration files, ad nauseum.

End of story. Google Maps location download don't work with the Via 1405. I think my username says it all.
That model does not use Home 2 but requires MyTomTom as the net interface (get it at The unit will not show as a replaceable drive on your computer; it will show as a network connection. And you cannot use a 3rd party source such as Google maps, TYRE or anything else to get a route transfered to the unit.

Guess you didn't search the proper forums or do your homework before purchasing.

You may be happier staying with a Garmin.
Unfortunately you have hit on one of the basic issues with all the new TomTom models.

The "Add to TomTom" feature you are trying to use would still work fine with any older model that still uses TT Home as it's interface to the computer.
But as you probably know, TomTom were forced by Microsoft to abandon using industry-standard file systems in their hardware and they had to redesign the entire product range from scratch.
This meant they were not allowed to produce kit where the computer could recognise the TomTom as a simple disk drive or memory store any more and the whole new system with 'MyTomTom' as the interface was introduced.

Much of the old functionality of Home has not (yet?) been recreated in MyTomTom
(15-0 again. You're beating me hollow this week dhn...)
Thanks, dhn and Andy_P for the info and clarifications. Very coherent and well written posts.

I had actually installed MyTomTom initially (the net interface did throw me). As a last ditch effort I installed Home 2 but it would immediately crash. The absence of third party support really surprised me. I bought the unit as a last-minute Christmas present – generally I am pretty anal about this stuff.

As for Microsoft forcing them to abandon industry-standard file systems, I am not surprised. I consider Bill Gates to be the devil incarnate … and a eugnesist to boot (off topic).

I do have another question. When clicking on the MyTomTom tray icon (red) and selecting “Add community content” a browser opens with URL Apparently POIs, voices, etc. can be downloaded into the GPS device (haven’t tried it yet).

Is the IP address for the GPS device?
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And I discovered recently from another mod here that the browser window you see when you go the the Add Community Content section is actually internally generated by the TomTom itself, it's not using the web at all at that point.
That's why the think appears to the computer as a server, Andy. I don't think it's a great idea, but it is what it is.

There are two pieces of software involved on the PC. One is a USB to Ethernet bridge (allows a USB connected device to act as a net connected device), and the other is the bit that provides connection back to the TomTom server when that is needed.

When you fire up MyTT, it goes to the specific IP address of the device using the bridge software, sets up an SSL connection with the 'micro-server' on the device itself, and back comes your web page (or alternately, some other content -- for example, take a look at to see what looks very much like the content of a ttgo.bif file on a Nav2 device). In fact, MyTT takes an inventory of the device's content and config much as Home used to do.

There are a number of interesting url's that aren't totally locked down.
When you fire up MyTT, it goes to the specific IP address of the device using the bridge software, sets up an SSL connection with the 'micro-server' on the device itself, and back comes your web page (or alternately, some other content

So do you think ALL the browser pages are internally generated, or is it a mixture?
(I'm thinking here of the "update available" pages... I'd assumed they were coming from the TT server, but maybe it's just the "bits in the boxes" of what updates are available?)

Yes, I already had that one bookmarked :thumb:

There are a number of interesting url's...

Interesting....Chat elsewhere if more suitable?
Yes, definitely a mixture. Not all 'web' content comes from the device. Watch the URL closely. It's obvious which is coming from the device and which comes from the TomTom server. When you see one of the two static IP addresses of the device, whatever you are seeing is device generated. When you see the TomTom URL, it's coming from their server.
Thanks! Obvious really, when you put it like that!
Very informative posts by all ... seems there's gotta be a way to navigate the device using a port (isn't that what a virus/worm does?). I'm pretty weak on accessing network devices ... I tried accessing my AT&T U-verse DVRs to rip/burn some of the movies I had saved. No luck.
Nope. What you've got is VERY limited access to a small slice of the file system with the normal UI. After that, you've got an SSL session running that would require a man-in-the-middle attack of some sort to spoof and steal the key. Not saying that it can't be done .. but let's just say, if it has, it hasn't been reported anywhere just yet.
Using "POI Editor for TomTom" with Via 1405

I got some good feedback and illumination on this forum. However, I haven't found any other postings regarding a workaround for the Google Maps functionally, that I have used with my Garmin, but was unsuccessful (like many others) in using my TomTom Via 1405M .

So I am going to post a Google Maps workaround that seems to be robust and reliable.

The application I used for the workaround is "POI Editor for TomTom."

First, as a clarification … all I am trying to do here is download positions from Google Maps into the device. This is my favorite way of navigating and is just basic nuts and bolts GPS usage.

The following are the steps used in downloading positions (not routes) quickly into the device. First … as a matter of semantics: "device" refers to the TomTom Via 1405M; "app" is shorthand for application and refers to "POI Editor For TomTom;" "position" refers to a geographic position.

1. If not already installed, download and install POI Editor For TomTom. Version is my currently installed version.
2. Connect device to USB port.
3. Start app (my path = C:\Program Files\POI Editor for TomTom\TomPoiEdrEn.exe). (BTW It doesn't matter whether My TomTom is running or not.)
4. Click on File-Open Device (ALT-D). The app should retrieve Favorites and other user added POI categories from the device.
5. Select Favorites from list and Click on OK.
6. Save Favorites to hard drive if so desired - subsequent steps will overwrite the copy on the device.
7. Click on the Google Maps icon (F5).
8. Click in Google search box and search for a unique name such as Rocky Mountain National Park.
9. A POI Info box will pop up after locating the geographic position on map.
10. Click on Add in the bottom left of that box. This will append a row to the list.
11. Save to hard drive if desired. (Control-S). This creates an .OV2 file.
12. Save to device (Alt-U). This downloads the new updated Favorites to the device.
13. Select OK to overwrite existing Favorites (see above regarding backup of Favorites).
14. The following message will appear on the device screen when completed: "Finished updating your device."
15. In bottom right of device touchscreen, press OK.
16. Close out POI Editor For TomTom (Alt-F4).
17. Navigate to Favorites on device to verify presence of new position Rocky Mountain National Park.

I can go this entire process in a few minutes.

I also found that POI categories can only be uploaded into the app if created on the device first. Thereafter, positions can be added to those POI categories using the same steps above. I prefer to used Favorites because of its ease of access on the device.
Not Impressed ...

I am sure wishing that I would have bought a navigation device somewhere other than from the clueless lerps at Walmart.

To be fair, I should have known better, or researched it on my own.

I had an XLS as my first device, and was annoyed at having to pay for map updates. Even when I did pay for updates, I found that my device thought I was driving off-road!

One of the local highways was re-routed SEVERAL years ago, taking out a lot of curves ... etc. Driving down this highway results in being off the road completely.

So OK, time to upgrade. We were heading for a holiday in Fort Lauderdale Florida, and I thought that lane assist feature might be cool. It was ... but not as good as it could have been. Oh well ...

So today, back closer to home, I tried to "send" a location from Google Maps to my VIA 1505 ... and WTH???

It's unbelievable that they would remove the ability to do this without advising this on the package!

This is going to be my LAST tom-tom!
P.O.S. . :mad:
Going back to the original post, I guess my username says it all too. :rolleyes:

I "upgraded" from a One XLS to a VIA 1505M in order to get the lifetime maps ... something that I really feel should either be included, or at least available as a retrofit (for a one-time fee) with all GPS units. Love the realistict lane-assist view, too.

My wife and I travel a fair amount because we have an RCI timeshare, and I spend considerable time in pre-planning our vacation and excursion. Using Google Maps, I could "send" precise and accurate GPS co-ordinates to my Tom-Tom.

The VIA annoyed me this fall with a "You have arrived at your destination" message when the resort was nowhere in sight.
Why did I buy a GPS again?

As far as the "You should have done your research before buying" comment goes ... research WHERE? Tom-Tom didn't mention that Google Maps compatibility wasn't going to be included. When one does an "upgrade" there is a tendency to expect that the new unit would have MORE features ... not LESS!
Google Maps doesn't seem to advise whose units are compatible either.

I'm really not a fan of the whole "smoke and mirrors" concept of marketing.
My next unit probably won't be a Tom-Tom...

It's funny to see that I have already commented on this post on August 12th.
For the record, though ... all of those comments I made still stand. ;)
When you got the false location for the resort, did you enter it as an address, a lat/long value, a poi point? How. What map are you using? What build?
I'm fairly certain that I used the address from the resort's website, but it looks like they have changed ownership.

This is what they have now:
Check-in and Recreation Centre:

Resort Villa Management
5129 Riverview Gate Rd
Fairmont Hot Springs, BC
V0B 1L1

I'm actually thinking there is more to this, now. Google maps seems to have the same inaccuracy (About 1-1/2 blocks out) in relation to this street address.

GPS actual location:, -115.863666
according to "street view"

Hmmm ... it looks like the website is to blame

It should state "5126 Riverview Dr" ???

I'm not sure who is to blame, but luckily it was daylight when we got there, and I spotted the red-roof buildings (although there are a lot of them in that area ... along with a "sister property")

Ever heard the expression "A faulty workman blames his tools"?

How about, "Don't kill the messenger"?

The point is, is you give a gps -- ANY brand -- faulty information and it takes you to that location, is the gps at fault?

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