No display on Expert 7

Jan 28, 2022
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TomTom Expert 7”
Pretty familiar with TomToms until a few years ago, and have technical background. Have a recent Expert 7”. It powers on, and still connects to MyConnect. Can hear drums, and display backlight comes on, but there is absolutely no display - text, images or anything. Brightness changes occasionally during power up, presumably because of changes to display that I can’t see. Have done hard reset, but cannot do the factory restore, as I would not be able to tell accurately when the display changes to white text, cogwheel etc.

My guess is that either a display ribbon cable has come loose, or the display itself is faulty. I know from experience that similar devices have a lot of delicate catches/latches when trying to take these apart. Does anyone know of any guides to safely open the device, and whether there are any parts available? Not been able to find anything so far…

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