Screen displaying stripes and mini-screen in top corner

Jun 30, 2019
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I own a Renault Trafic Van with an built-in Carminat LIVE. Last week I stopped in a carpark and switched the van off. When I started the van again, it displayed the image below.

I'm trying to identify the issue and see if I could do something about it myself. I believe it must be the connection or the wiring but I would like to know if anyone has came across this type of issue before. It looks like the screen could be broken but somehow it still displays a smaller version of the screen in the top left corner.

Any help of any kind would be appreciated.
Caminat LIVE screen issue.jpg


It won't be a problem between the vehicle wiring and the vehicle. What you're seeing is definitely internal to the device.

Unsure from the pic which version you have, but I believe you are going to want to kill the power to the Carminat in order to give it a cold reboot to see what happens. Completely removing power from the Carminat will force a reset of the video renderer which may be at the heart of your problem -- well, we can hope, anyway.

If that doesn't resolve it, then it is possible that there may be some issues on the flex connector that connects the display to the board, and that's going to be a whole lot messier to resolve.
Thank you for your tips and insight.

I disconnected the GPS from its wiring in the van for the night and this issue is still there. I reckon my only ooptions are now to either replace the LCD screen or the whole GPS. Do you think a Renault dealer would be able to help me at all, is it something they usually do?


You could check with your dealer, but first I'd wonder if you could find one in a breaker's yard somewhere? Unless it's under warranty, the dealer isn't likely to be too helpful.
I've not seen how the Carminat Live disconnects physically from the vehicle, nor how easy/hard it is to replace the screen on that model.
As it's not useful in its current condition, I'd check dealer first to see if anything can be done re warranty (or you may already know that's a non-starter), then if you are into disassembly, I'd take a LONG look at the flex cable connection at the main board that provides the signal to the screen. Typically these have been held in place by a small latch on the board connector. A gentle lift of only about 45 degrees or less is all it takes to release the flex cable, and reseating it might give you some relief. After that, I'd be calling around to the breaker's yards to see if anyone has something.

If you do replace the entire unit, you'll want to get the device's serial number info for both units and call tech support to advise them of the swap so that your Live subscription (and any maps you're owned) are transferred to the new device.

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