"No disc space on your computer for caching. Please free up disc space to resume"

Aug 26, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
Tom Tom GO 510
Afternoon All

I've just dug out by GO510 to update and get ready for taking to Italy on Monday.

I connected it to MyDrive Connect as I've done every year but it won't update and I keep getting have the banner message I've quote in the thread above.

I've tried every method suggested to free up the cache on my laptop and still the message persists. However I would add that last night I removed and reinstalled MyDrive Connect and that seemed to get rid of the message but I still could not install. I tried to install just the camera update on its own as it is a small file and it got to about 3% complete but it will go no further.

I've searched online but cant find anything remotely close; Support is of no use as its not a typical problem so the Bot disengages and as it's the weekend I can't get to speak/chat with a real technician.

The only other thing I will add (and probably a complete red herring) is that the battery life is very poor and I think it needs to be replaced; but when plugged in to my laptop or to the car charger it works well.

I've added a screenshot in case it helps

Many thanks in anticipation


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Have you tried deleting the cache in Mydrive connect settings?
Can you try with another computer.
Thanks for your reply.
Yes I've tried deleting the cache in MyDrive Connect last night and again today and it has done nothing.

I tried with my wife's laptop (a good idea which I hadn't though of) and I'm afraid it does exactly the same thing; it launches straight into download mode once connected but is then stuck on 3% and a time 2 hours 27 minutes to complete the download and just sticks at that.

I deleted MyDrive Connect again, shut down the laptop, restarted and downloaded the software again and so far the cache message has disappeared but it's still stuck at 3%
I assume that your laptop is connected to the wi-fi of the house try to connect your computer by cable directly to your internet box.
Hi. Thanks for this; somehow I got there in the end before I read your message after I did a reset of the device itself; at first this seemed to make no difference and also the cache message also returned but I just switched that off, cleared the cache and then it started to download as normal; it stopped again at about 10% so I just cleared the cache again and this time it downloaded both file updates. It took well over 2 hours to make the changes to the device itself but maybe I was using a poor cable. Anyway it all seems OK but next time i will connect the laptop to the router via ethernet as well as you suggest.

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