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Mar 18, 2010
Lincoln, UK
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I've just bought an XL IQ v3 and it seems to be great. Despite being a geriatric I've been rushing about like a headless chicken with my new toy. Then I found this forum and I've slowed down a bit after reading opinions of TT Home.

However, I found TT Home before the forum, and let it update my system with a new "engine" so I'm now running v8,415 - and a lot of smaller fixes, GPS etc etc. The good news is that it all seems to be working fine and there were no error messages. I've now backed up the whole thing following the advice here using Windows, not TT Home.

The day after the v8.415 was installed it told me the v9.something (a major new version) was available - question 1 - should I update or wait for some feedback and, perhaps, a bugfix release.

I also rushed out and bought a scratch card for cash generators, sorry, I mean "safety" cameras as a friend said they were an extra. What he meant was that the update function is an extra because I got excellent warning of the fixed cameras on a trip today. So, question 2 is, Will the scratch card have an expiry date or can I just keep it for a few months until I think the data might be really out of date and then register it for 12 months?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to the benefit of experience much greater than mine.


Lincoln, UK


Welcome to TTF.

Yes, the latest version of the application for your model is 9.026 released on Jan 5th/2010. Your application is from October 29, 2009. So, as long as you have the Explorer backup (just in case ....) then go for the update.

As to the Traffic subscription. I'll be honest with you. The TT safety camera database is nowhere near as accurate or current as those offered by other sources.

One we suggest for our UK visitors is the safety camera set offered at pocketgpsworld. See more information here.

And one of our supermods here, MikeAlder, is also a mod on that site; so he'd be able to provide any assistance you need.


Thanks for the welcome and advice, I'll visit regularly and learn a lot. I'll also look at pocketGPSworld. Is Trenton Air Base still operational? I was there in'75 for CIAS.

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