*new* USA/Cda/Mex map v940.5997 (1841 MB)

Sep 26, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Did you guys get this update? I only have a XL350TM and believe that my GPS doesn't even have that much capacity in its harddrive, so just confused how come this map is offered to me if I can't even physically download it into my unit? Or, am I missing something and someone w/ a XL350TM did install this latest map update? Thanks in advance.
If you connect to the PC an right click on the drive letter for your device, then click on Property, what does it say?
The XL350 is a 2GB unit, and a 1.841GB map will be problematic. This may be the same issue we've seen with other XL owners that find themselves in the same space jam and have not yet been exposed to 'zoned' maps.
See this thread by an XL540 owner in the same boat. Hope they get this sorted soon. Pulling off ANY extra voices, icons, whatever, may still not free up enough space for the new map, and the 350 has no space for an external memory card.
Try removing all voices and installing the map.

Then you can try deleting things from the map you don't need. In the map folder, you can manually delete anything that starts with "cspeech" as that is a microphone-assistant file and the 350/540 have no microphone. Also, you may want to delete faces.dat, this is the file of pictures on the map (lakes/rivers/etc), its removal will not impact roads or routing.

Once those are gone try to put a computer voice like susan back on, hopefully it should fit.
I don't think that I want to hazard deleting everything and only install the bare min, in addition, it appears that the total capacity of my GPS can't even take in the new map, so I guess that I'm stuck w/ the previous map version for now until (unless?) they come up w/ a revised (smaller) version.

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