Map for the USA-Do they make it difficult deliberately?

Aug 22, 2010
I purchased a TT 5100 and have been delighted with it save for it running out of battery very quickly when not connected and the drum beats every time start it up!! The guys on this forum advised how I may be able to transfer poi’s which I am waiting to do.

The 5100 comes with world map availability, but after hours of searching on how to download a map for the USA (next Tuesday!) I can’t find out how to download the map. They come free with the TT 5100 and try as I might I just can’t find out how to download the map?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Call support and they can add the map to your account for downloading:

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

But I'd get an 8 or 16 gb microsdhc card to handle the additional maps first. SanDisk is a good choice.
Many thanks for this, I will give it a try. I loaded a Samsung 32 gig just in case!!
Will let you know how you get on!
Hi both,
Thank you so much, it worked really well and although not as yet tried, the map is sitting on my device ready to go....I really appreciate your help.
They were able to put the maps into my account and all I had to do was download them!
This is the best by Far TT, please keep it up!!

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