New TomTom 740, Adding Maps?

Dec 30, 2009
I'm a TomTom newbie as of today, with my GO 740 Live.

While getting familiar with the device and using the TomTom HOME application on my Mac, I was surprised to see additional map and IQRoutes info available for purchase, and I'm a little confused.

The standard North America 2GB maps shows its installed -- so now for me to get more accurate routing and other information I have to buy another map package?

I'm primarily concerned with the US, though I could add on other countries later.

It doesn't make a lot of sense, so please could someone clarify.

Before doing anything with the device you need to make a full backup of the device to your computer.

Next use Home to update the device, you need to be running the latest Navcore on the unit.

Now use Home to update your map for free to the latest version using Latest Map Gaurantee

finally make another full backup of the device - Mike
I already did the backup and the updates.

So what are the differences between all the data in the other maps and what I have, apart from the country differences?

I'm also not sure about the map update subscriptions; I presume my unit runs "free" with Google Live for 3 months, then I have to subscribe to that.

When I try to add the subscription for the maps updates, I just get to the HOME application "buy more maps page" --

I do tech for a living - and I've never seen a device like this, it's confusing... it's not clear what you need, what you don't, etc.

You do NOT have to buy any other map, you are eligible for the Latest Map Guarantee to get the 840 map. Home-->Tools-->Latest Map guarantee. That will have even more IQ data and ALG data imbedded in it.

Once you do have the latest map, you can consider a subscription map series where 4 updates over the next 12 months is one fixed price. And much cheaper than purchasing just one map.

The next map is due the latter part of February. Since, with 840, you'd be up to date with a current map, your charge (about $50 US for the 4 updates) will be all you'd pay.
It's not easy to figure out how to subscribe -- and then there's the Google Live services subscription. You'd think they'd just unify this info in a Subscriptions page.

BTW, I want a microSD card for this -- the FAQ says the max recommended is 4gb, but wouldn't a 32gb work as well?

Thanks for the info. The microSD card is for extra storage. Correct? So other maps and data can be stored there...

What are its best uses.

It doesn't say where I can subscribe. The website link goes to the HOME app page to purchase maps.
Best use I would think is for additional maps you may wish to purchase.

As for not showing the subscribe link, have you clicked on the maps tab?

If it isn't apparent, call support at 866-486-6866 to assist.
I learned that there are a few "classes" of microSD cards. Class 6, I believe, is the highest -- does it matter which one we use for the TomTom?

The item I see on says:

Requires SDHC host device

how do we determine which one is appropriate for the TomTom?
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Yes, I can see the MAPS button, but it just has a list of maps to buy. There's nothing that states "subscription". When I view "ALL" it just lists all the country maps.
To be clear on the maps and subscriptions:

You buy a map for each geography. The 740 is preloaded with the "North America 2GB" map which covers USA and Canada. However it is the February 2009 map (version 825). You can get a free update to the latest November version (840) of the exact same geography if you run "Latest map guarantee" within Tomtom HOME. The new map won't give you different map coverage, just newer/updated streets, points of interest, etc. This is an important update because Tomtom has only had a major presence in the US for about 3 years, their maps just plain stunk 2 years ago in the US, were so-so a year ago, and are pretty damn good now. There are HUGE improvements even from February 2009 to the November 2009 version, as Tomtom USA maps were catching up to "reality".

Bottom line - take advantage of Latest Map Guarantee so you can get your free update to the November 2009 "North America 2GB" map.

If you want other geographies, you can buy them.

Now onto the subscriptions. There are 2 subscriptions for the 740, maps and LIVE services:

First the maps: the map subscriptions is a prepaid purchase of the next 4 quarterly maps, for $50. You can only buy it if you're already at the current Map 840 level. Tomtom sells discounted 840 maps if bundled with a subscription at the same time, but your 840 map should be free so you shouldn't need to buy a bundle. You really don't need the subscription at all if you're happy with map 840.

Second is the LIVE services: This is the key selling point of the Tomtom 740, you get a bunch of LIVE services for $10/month. It includes the best traffic system on the market (especially in Boston), fuel prices, google LIVE POI, etc. You get to try it out for 3 months free (it's activated automatically), so you can see how useful it will be for you.

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