Need Help Please!

Oct 21, 2008
Hello everybody.

I got fast question to ask u guys.
I had tomtom Go 720, and after 4 years of use i got a little problem with it (it's not charging) anymore. So the good thing i did when i bought it 4 years ago i purchased with it 4 Years protection plan, Now i went yesterday to best buy and i told them what happened - the Geek squad said. we no longer have this kind of model so go pick up a GPS and come back so we can exchange it. which i did. So i got Garmin. worth of almost $400.00 and for sure they had to minus $299.00 out of my old tomtom Go720 GPS.
But when i got back home i felt guilty, Lol. yeah because i love tomtom and comfortable with, So. what i am going to do tomorrow just take it back. and get me a New Tomtom.

now my Question's would you please help me to get a good Tomtom from best buy. i saw some of them but i don't know what is the best. and i cant get the money so i can go get it from somewhere else, because i will be giving $299 best buy Credit.. so that means i have to spend that money there.

anybody can help me and check best buy web site and see what is the best tomtom there i can go with? i need nice one with lifetime traffic and map please.

Thank you so much for your help.
Absolutely none of the new models will have all the features that your 720 did. (did you think about replacing the battery in the 720?)

You may want to consider a model such as the Go LIVE 2535 M model (with LIVE Services included for a year -- including traffic -- and then $60/yr to renew).

See here:

Also, here's a link to a comparison chart:

But NONE of the new models have true Itinerary Planning, for example. The best you can get is 4 waypoints and the route can't be saved.

Anyway, view the chart.............
Did they let you keep your old 720? That's not normally possible, but ...

Whatever you do, be certain that the model you choose includes the "M" in the suffix. I see your 720 was still running a version 810 map. A lot has changed since then!!! "M" suffix units give you a free map subscription as part of the price of the unit.

No, they took it my Go720. and the problem not with the battery . i believe the problem inside the GPS. because when i charge it, it will charge full charge. then minutes later nothing there. but i can tell the problem not with the battery because when i take it to the car to charge it there. sometimes it stop charging by it self.

i dont want LIVE GPS. paying every year money worth of brand new GPS lol.
i am still looking for an answer . Oh by the way how about

TomTom - VIA 1605TM GPS
TomTom - VIA 1535TM GPS
TomTom - VIA 1435TM GPS
TomTom - XXL 550TM GPS

what is the best in all of these devices?

Thanks for your help.
I'd avoid the XXL550 on the off chance that one of the features you enjoy from your 720 is missing there. It's a rather 'defeatured' model... even menu items you have come to expect will be missing there. Then again, that's true in some parts for the three newer models you specify as well.

If you're not looking for a Live device, and like the idea of a really big screen, that VIA 1605TM has a truly beautiful screen. I've always preferred a resistive touch screen for in-car use, but previously, you'll have found that they're not quite as bright as a capacitive screen. Don't know where TomTom sourced this one, but it's bright and very nice indeed. It's not just the same pixel count spread over a larger area (as was the case when TomTom went from 4.3" to 5") - it's a much higher resolution screen. Even when it gets to twilight, I don't need reading glasses to see this thing!

Before we can recommend any new unit, though, it would help to know what features you used most on your 720 and assure that you'll still have them on a particular new unit (if possible).

Thank you so much for the great help.

Well to be honest, i don't use any features at all!!
all what i know write the address and GO. Oh and maybe the Bluetooth. but i am sure the VIA 1605 doesnt have it. which is fine.

all what i need.
Lifetime Map.
Lifetime Traffic.

So what do u think?
Sorry Edit post. and there's some in Bestbuy web site but i dont know if they are better than the 1 i mentioned?
All of the TM models give you lifetime map and traffic. The primary differences between the three newer units are the screen size. As I say, I love the higher res 6" screen, but you'll need to decide if it will fit where you want to put it. There are alternative mounts, of course.

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